Fix when Windows 7 ZIP Files will not Extract

“I have downloaded few ZIP files from internet on my Windows 7 desktop. When I selected those files to extract, it popped with an error message stating as 'ZIP files will not extract ' and refused to show its files. I again downloaded those files but was of no use, it displayed same error. Those ZIP files are very important for my project work, is there any suggestions to repair this issue? Awaiting for your reply...”

ZIP is an archive file format used to share data over internet. The best software used to compress large file in ZIP format is WinZip. ZIP files generally use .zip as file extension for ZIP archive. ZIP file has many compression algorithm for compressing data in ZIP archive. Microsoft is added with in-built ZIP file named as Compression folders in MS Windows so that users can compress as many files as they want. However, there are many other reasons where ZIP file will not extract on Windows 7 system. The error message as mentioned above is shown when corrupted ZIP file is being tried to extract in WinZip.

Scenarios that corrupts ZIP file on Windows 7 systems are listed here:

  • Using incorrect application to unzip large sized ZIP files results in its corruption by displaying an error message like ZIP file will not extract
  • If crucial system files are missing then ZIP files may get damaged which might refuse to access
  • Incorrect compression technique can cause corruption of ZIP file structure making it unreadable
  • ZIP file header can get corrupted due to incomplete download or transfer process
  • When downloading Zip file if there is no enough space to save the extracted files, then it may leads to corruption of Zip files

Salient features of ZIP repair software:

Yodot ZIP Repair is eminent application to fix ZIP file which will not extract on Windows 7 operating system. This app recovers unreadable content from corrupt ZIP file by fixing all sorts of errors with the archive. It easily fixes damaged or inaccessible, incompletely downloaded ZIP/ ZIPX files. It can mend cannot open split ZIP file error, invalid entry size error, file structure error, CRC error, access denied, empty archive and many more. Along with Windows 7, this utility can be utilized on computer with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. To get better idea on how to use this tool, just download demo version. It is similar to full version but you cannot save fixed files. In order to save, you need to purchase the full version of software which is available in reasonable price.

Steps to repair ZIP files on Windows 7:

  • Download and install Yodot Zip Repair program on Windows computer
  • Run the repair tool and follow instructions present on screen
  • Browse and select corrupt ZIP file that you want to repair
  • Now the tool initiates to scan the selected ZIP archive
  • You can view repair process in the progress bar
  • After completion of scanning process, you will get a window displaying that ZIP file is successfully repaired
  • Now you can verify your data from repaired ZIP file
  • At last, you can save repaired ZIP file to desired destination location using 'Save' option on computer

Points to Remember:

  • Back up your crucial ZIP files regularly
  • Always use safe tool to unzip your ZIP file
  • Make sure that you have sufficient space while extracting ZIP files