Resolve WinZip Error Message WZ54

“I attempted to unzip a file in WinZip application and got the error message: "Bad CRC... Press F1 for help”. After pressing ‘F1’ key I got another message including error code such as WZ54 on Windows PC. I have compressed numerous essential files in this ZIP archive; now all those files has become inaccessible. How should I fix WinZip error message WZ54 in ZIP file on Windows computer?? Please help me! Thanks!”

WinZip is one of renowned application that provides efficient way to compress more than two files into a single file container called ZIP. By reducing size of various files into a ZIP container it is easy to transfer/download/store/share large number files securely. However, in certain scenarios WinZip archive will display error message as mentioned in above discussed situation. Error messages WZ54 might occur in ZIP file due to various reasons let us look into some of them:

  • Unzipping files of a ZIP archive in incompatible version of WinZip or using unknown third party apps to extract ZIP file contents can results in WZ54 error message
  • Header corruption in ZIP file due to severe virus attack or improper termination of ZIP file can leads to this error
  • Interruptions network failure, sudden system shutdown, such as etc. while moving / downloading WinZip file among various devices might contributes to WZ54 error code

Tool to fix WinZip error message WZ54:

User can go for trustworthy WinZip file repair software to fix erroneous ZIP file. Yodot ZIP Repair utility is one such proficient Zip archive repair application used to fix corrupted ZIP archive after WinZip error message WZ54 on Windows system. It can easily repair ZIP file that is snowing WZ54 error without modifying its original contents. This tool has significant scanning technology which helps in repairin an erroneous ZIP file into a healthier one. Along with WinZip error message WZ54, this application can fix zip archive corrupted error 42125, ZIP checksum error, ZIP file read error, ZIP file not found error and so on Windows PC. In addition, you can repair inaccessible ZIP / ZPX file on any storage devices such as hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives, etc. on Windows computer. This tool works well with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP and Windows Vista desktops / laptops.

Steps to repair WinZip file showing WZ54 error:

  • Download Yodot ZIP Repair utility and install it to Windows system
  • After that setup installed application and follow simple onscreen instructions
  • Choose error displaying WinZip file using “Browse” option and initiate the repair process by hitting on “Repair” button
  • Then this software will begin to scan and fix erroneous ZIP archive
  • After completing the WinZip file repair process, this tool will displays the list of files or folders of repaired ZIP file
  • At the end click on “Save” button to save fixed WinZip file on your desired location on PC

Precautionary Steps:

  • It is suggested to backup essential WinZip files on secure storage devices
  • Always use consistent internet connection while downloading valuable ZIP archives
  • Try to install powerful anti-virus software to keep PC free from malicious viruses