How to Solve Error Zip File Structure Invalid

“Hello everybody, I have been facing a problem when I try to extract a large ZIP archive on my desktop. Whenever I try accessing this ZIP archive, I receive an error that says ‘Zip Error: Zip file structure invalid’. I am a novice computer user and I don’t understand anything about such errors. Is there possible method to fix Zip error Zip file structure invalid and make Zip archive active again? If there is any way, kindly suggest one for me. Many thanks in advance for all your precious suggestions.”

Zip is the world’s best archive file format used widely to transfer or share information over internet in Windows computers. This application is used to compress files in Zip format is WinZip. However, there are certain scenarios wherein compressed Zip files will no longer be accessible by WinZip. This happens when ZIP file is corrupt due to which it shows error like invalid file structure as mentioned in above example. So, this article will guide you what this error is about and how to resolve it.

Zip Error: “Zip File Structure Invalid”

This unusual error occurring with Zip file states that archive is corrupt and cannot be accessed. It normally appears while unzipping ZIP archive due to reasons as mentioned below:

As Zip file shows this error and stops from being extracted, user may feel annoyed or depressed for not accessing useful data. This kind of situation can be easily resolved by repairing archive using some third party ZIP repair utilities.

Zip error invalid Zip file structure repair tool:

One of the brilliant software to fix not a valid file structure error in Zip file is Yodot ZIP Repair. This program has modest resources to repair Zip archives that are corrupt in various instances with utmost ease. Along with invalid ZIP file structure error, it can also fix other errors of ZIP archive like compressed zipped folder is invalid or corrupted; archive was empty, invalid entry size, CRC error, access denied and many more. This utility is capable to fix 7Zip file and ZIPX file formats that are damaged and inaccessible in number of scenarios. This Zip archive repair tool supports working on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Step by step procedure to fix invalid file structure error showing ZIP file:

Important Note:

  • Use correct compression method while compressing important files to Zip format
  • Employ good antivirus tool on system to avoid ZIP file damage
  • Frequently, check your system for proper maintenance

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