How to Restore ZIP File Association Windows 7?

“Few days back, I downloaded a secure Zip file from internet. When I try to open this protected Zip file in Windows 7, it keeps on opening the ZIP file in different programs where data is found in unreadable state. How to can I make this Zip file to be opened with particular program associated with it on Windows 7 OS, can anyone suggest me a solution for this Zip file issue?”.

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system comes fortified with the ability to associate data files and these data files were stored in Windows registry. The Windows registry keeps track of all programs that are installed on computer and associates file types that they may be used to open. If your Zip file is not associated with proper application, you may experience any of these problems:

  • The file icon is blank or displays an incorrect image
  • The file does not open
  • You may receive error: This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel
  • Error: not a valid Win32 applicationmight get displayed

By default Windows 7 can natively open ZIP files using Window Explorer. However, there are several apps available to open the Zip files and they can be used as default program for opening ZIP files. If these applications are later uninstalled, then files associated to that program doesn’t exist and hence fails to open Zip files correctly on Windows 7.

To fix this problem and restore Windows Explorer as the default program, you can try this: Click on Start button and select Default Programs option from the menu -> Scroll through the list of programs that you prefer to use and click on Set this Program as Default option -> Click on OK button to save the changes

Sometimes the file association registry might get corrupted due to virus or harmful threats infection, just because lack of computer security. In such case when you try to open ZIP file with corrupt association file, then Zip archive might get damaged and doesn’t allow you access the files. In such situation you need to fix damaged Zip file and regain the file access back. To do this, you require a good Zip repair utility

How to fix Zip file association?

Yodot ZIP Repair is the eminent repair tool utilized by most of the users to fix issues encountered with Zip file archive on Windows 7 system. It is an excellent repair application, which is uniquely designed to repair corrupt or Inaccessible Zip file by rebuilding new healthy Zip file. By using this product you can fix ZIP / ZIPX files corrupted due to CRC or download error and it also let you recover root files from Zip archives. This software is capable of repairing 32 and 64 bit Zip archive file created in WinZip tool. It is robust software that reads and extracts the contents without modifying the original corrupted Zip file. The software is available as freeware for trial and regular updates will be provide for the licensed product with free of cost.

Steps for using Yodot ZIP Repair utility:

  • Download and install Yodot Zip Repair software on your Windows 7 desktop/laptop
  • Launch the repair product and follow instructions present on screen
  • Browse and select the ZIP/ZIPX file or folder with spliced file part that is to be repaired
  • After this, software starts to scan the selected Zip archive
  • Once the scanning process is completed, you will get a wizard showing that Zip file is repaired successfully
  • Now you can verify the structure of your data from the repaired Zip file
  • Finally save the repaired Zip file to your desired location on Windows 7 system

Useful Tips:

  • Regularly update the security application on your system to protect Zip files from virus or harmful threats
  • Don’t interrupt while downloading the Zip file from internet, it may corrupt and make Zip archive inaccessible
  • Keep an additional copy of your important Zip file on some other reliable storage device