How to Repair Zip File Checksum Error

“One of my friends told me that by zipping all files present in the system; you can greatly reduce your used disk space. I downloaded Zip application and zipped all my important files to not more than 10 Zip containers. Once done with the zipping process, when I tried to extract contents from Zip file, I get ‘Checksum error’. I have no idea what this is about as I am using the Zip file for first time. By looking in internet I found some tools but they were not up to the mark to fix this Zip file issue. Can I get some help here! Thanks!”

There is no doubt that Zip file is most convenient way to store and access your file contents on your PC. As Zip files are easy to create, easy to store and easy to access, we find them in most of the computers where they gather set of files and store it in a single container. With timely usage, one can say that Zip file may generate checksum error at various circumstances, leading to inaccessibility of data that was saved in it. Before finding a way out of this mess, let’s get to know the issues that cause checksum error on Zip file:

If you want to resolve Zip file checksum error on Windows system, then you must check out the services of Yodot Zip Repair software that can provide easy access to Zip file contents in a short duration of time.

Zip file checksum error repair tool

Yodot Zip Repair is easy to use application that can be installed on system to get back contents of Zip file displaying checksum error when it is being extracted. Simplicity and effectiveness are the strengths of this software that gives assistance to wide range of users who have issues while extracting data from their respective WinZip file. With self explanatory interface, users can easily repair ZIP and ZIPX archives after any errors or truncated, damaged or corrupted due to virus attacks, usage of unknown compression technique and many other scenarios. User can repair truncated Zip file on all desktops and laptops installed with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OS versions.

Steps for fixing Zip file checksum error on Windows system

Valuable Tips:

  • Install proper antivirus protection to prevent virus attack on relevant Zip file
  • Store more than one copy of Zip file just in-case if Zip file gets corrupted
  • Make sure there is no break-down in internet connection when Zip files are downloaded from internet

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