How To Repair Missing End Signature Error of ZIP Files?

“I downloaded a ZIP folder from a trusted website and tried to unzip it on WinZip tool. But, I am not able to unzip the file successfully as there was an error message reading like this, “zip warning: missing end signature – probably not a ZIP file (did you remember to use binary mode when you transferred it?) ZIP error: ZIP file structure invalid”. Can anyone please help me to get rid of this error and make my ZIP folder accessible again?”

ZIP file error missing end signature implies that the ZIP archive is corrupt or that it is not a valid .zip file. When this error occurs, ZIP file cannot be unzipped to view its content; hence users have to face loss of data. Not only this, there are many other ZIP file errors that causes inaccessibility of ZIP archives.

Similar Errors While Accessing ZIP Files:

You may also come across the below mentioned errors while accessing ZIP files:

All these errors suggest that ZIP archive is corrupt and has to be repaired in order to unzip it. There are various reasons that render corruption of ZIP files. Most common reasons are virus infection, improper download / transfer of ZIP file over network, bad CRC, mal functioning of WinZip application, adequate termination of WinZip tool while editing / creating ZIP file, using unauthorized compression methods to open ZIP files, etc. As a result of these factors, ZIP archive gets damaged and thus it turns to be inaccessible by displaying error messages.

How To Fix ZIP File Missing End Signature Error?

Here is the solution; first and foremost method you need to try is to use inbuilt ZIP repair utility provided by Windows to fix the issue. If it does not fetch successful results, then make use of third party ZIP repair utilities and repair the error showing ZIP archives. You can rely upon Yodot ZIP Repair tool. This software can fix ZIP file with error ‘missing end signature’ caused due to various reasons. It is capable of repairing ZIP archives created on various versions of WinZip application. You can effectively fix all types of ZIP file errors using this tool on computers having Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

Steps To Fix ZIP File Error:

Tips To Avoid Damaging ZIP Files:

  • Do not download ZIP folders from unsecured sources.
  • Maintain multiple copies of ZIP file as backup.
  • Do not save repaired ZIP file to the same old location, that may completely corrupt entire folder again.

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