Repair ZIP File That Cannot Not Be Opened on Windows 7

"I’ve been using Windows 7 OS since 6 months, but from past few weeks I’m running into a problem. Recently my Windows 7 operating system has stopped opening my downloaded ZIP files. I already downloaded the latest versions of WinZip software to open the file, but it hasn’t worked. The ZIP file displays error message like, “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”. Can someone tell me what could have happened?”

Have you ever failed to open ZIP files on Windows 7 computer? Sometimes, Windows 7 OS doesn’t recognize ZIP files and pops up error messages on each attempt to open and extract contents from ZIP/ZIPX archive. This problem usually occurs due to the corruption or damage of your ZIP file. However, in order to extract the contents of ZIP file you need to repair it. Now you might think how is it possible to fix corrupted ZIP files on Windows 7 computer? The solution is to utilize powerful ZIP repair software, but before repairing your ZIP file you have to know about the possible causes that causes ZIP/ZIPX file corruption on Windows 7 system.

  • Incomplete Download: Sometimes your ZIP file download remains incomplete due to internet connection errors, network inconsistency or any other reason
  • Malware Infection: Severe virus / malware infections on Windows 7 hard drive might damage the ZIP files stored or created on it
  • Header Corruption: The header of ZIP file contains all important details like ZIP file size, file address, compression ratio etc. Hence any issue with header component might damage ZIP file
  • Power Surge: Sudden power failure while creating or extracting the contents of a ZIP file can damage ZIP file structure
  • Bad Sectors: If Windows 7 computer has too many bad sectors, then there are chances of downloaded or newly created ZIP files getting corrupted
  • Other Reasons: CRC errors, broken download, missing parity bit, recovery tool errors are other reasons for ZIP file corruption

In such cases, you will not be able to open and extract contents from the ZIP file. The best thing you can do is download the ZIP file again, if it doesn’t help then use reliable ZIP file repair software. Yodot ZIP Repair is an excellent utility, which can use in this kind of situations. The application does rigorous scan of your corrupted / damaged ZIP archive on Windows 7 hard disk and fixes issues with ease. The software supports repairing ZIP file which is of both 32 and 64 bit. More to this, you can even fix password protected ZIP files. It runs compatibly on all the latest version of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 to repair damaged ZIP/ZIPX files irrespective of the reason behind its corruption.

How to use Yodot ZIP repair tool to fix your ZIP file?

  • Download the application and install the software to your Windows computer/laptop
  • Open the software and stick to the main screen procedure
  • Click “Browse” button, to select your corrupt/damaged ZIP files that you want to repair
  • Hit the “Repair” button to initialize the repair process
  • The application scans and fixes the corrupt ZIP file in a few minutes
  • You can view the repair process by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion, the software shows all the contents from the ZIP archive
  • At last, browse for the destination location to save your error free ZIP file


  • Download and use a reliable download manager to download your important ZIP file
  • Assign password to your important ZIP or ZIPX files
  • Use a trusted utility to extract the contents of your ZIP file
  • Regularly backup your important ZIP files on external storage media like external hard disks, pen drives, CDs or DVDs