How to Repair ZIP File Larger Than 4GB?

“I had a large sized PDF file that had important information regarding my professional work. Since the file was occupying more space on my hard disk, I thought of compressing it to ZIP format using WinZip tool and I triggered the compression process. But after completion of the process, I was unable to go through its contents. When I tried to unzip the file, error message popped up stating that ZIP file is larger than 4GB and cannot be unzipped. It is the only copy of that file as I don’t have any backup. What should I do now to decompress this .zip file which is more than 4GB? Please help”

ZIP is the well known compression format used for minimizing the size of large files so that they can be saved within small memory space on drive. Also, compressing a set of files in to a ZIP folder will ease the difficulty of individually downloading / transferring set of files over internet. Hence, most of the users prefer making use of WinZip, 7Zip, WinRAR applications to accomplish the task of compressing files. But, encoding very large files to ZIP file sometimes end up in disaster because, basic ZIP compressor tools limit to decode files with less than 4GB. Thus, ZIP archive larger than 4GB size becomes corrupt and errors out when users tries to unzip it.

Apart from large file size, here are few other reasons that result in corruption of ZIP folder:

  • Improper compression process i.e. occurrence of errors while creating ZIP archive can result in ZIP file corruption
  • Use of unsecured compression tools to zip / unzip important files on ones Windows computer can also damage the ZIP file severely
  • Interruptions while downloading and extracting ZIP archives like system shutdown, power surge, termination of WinZip application, etc. can be possible reason for ZIP file corruption
  • In addition, header corruption, virus infection, CRC errors, etc can all damage ZIP archive leading to its inaccessibility

When ZIP file gets corrupt due to oversize or due to above mentioned reasons, one may partially extract the ZIP file contents; but complete access to the folder will be denied. To experience problem free extraction of corrupt ZIP archive, repair the ZIP file more than 4GB using reliable ZIP repair utility. Eager to know which is the best tool to fix ZIP file that is over 4GB? Then read further.

Software to unzip files more than 4GB:

Accomplish the task of repairing ZIP file bigger than 4GB in file size by using Yodot Zip Repair tool that is widely suggested by many industry experts. Built with many advance techniques this Zip repair utility can skillfully fix irregularities associated with ZIP and ZIPX archive created on various versions of WinZip application. One can also fix password protected or error showing or damaged ZIP archives with the aid of this Zip file repair tool. By employing this application, one can securely overcome problems while unzipping corrupted and broken ZIP / ZIPX files without modifying the original file contents within few mouse clicks. This software runs compatibly on various computers working on Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to mend Zip files larger than 4GB on Windows OS:

  • Download Yodot ZIP Repair software on the system where ZIP file having more than 4GB size is residing
  • Install and run the utility to start repair process
  • Then, in the main screen select the ZIP file larger than 4Gb using browse option and click on ‘Repair’
  • Next screen displays status of the ZIP file repair process
  • On completion of process, fixed ZIP file contents can be viewed successfully
  • By clicking next, proceed to save the repaired ZIP file to specified destination folder on the system

Valuable Tips:

  • Do not compress very large sized files in to a single ZIP folder that might get corrupt due to oversize
  • Always make use of authenticated tools to create ZIP files / to unzip it
  • Avoid interruptions while extracting / downloading ZIP folders