Tool to Extract ZIPX Archive on Windows

“I tried extracting a ZIPX file from shared network drive on my Windows PC and ended up in corrupting the archive. This folder consists of some vital files that are shared among my teammates in work place. Now, it is my responsibility to fix the issue and find some way to extract files from damaged ZIPX archive. Can anyone please let me know finest ZIPX extractor software?”

ZIPX is a file extension for compressed files that is basically created using advanced compression methods, compatible in latest version of WinZip and by other zip software. ZIPX file format is known as archive which manages many archive together saved with .zipx extension. It can be opened or created by using Bitzipper or WinZip. ZIPX files may get corrupt and display error message while trying to extract its content on desktop. Some issues that makes your ZIPX file corrupt and inaccessible on Windows PC are mentioned below:

  • While extracting ZIPX files if something goes weird and stops the process abruptly then ZIPX file can get corrupt. For example, abrupt system shutdown and sudden power failure during file extraction
  • When moving ZIPX files from one drive to another - power fluctuation, sudden removal of external drive, etc can lead to corruption of ZIPX extractor making file inaccessible
  • Download error or internet threats affecting ZIPX archive received via email may cause unreadable ZIPX archive
  • Usage of incorrect compression techniques can corrupt internal structure of ZIPX archive making it inaccessible

ZIPX extractor for Windows computer:

Yodot ZIP Repair is the rightful software to fix ZIPX archive and extract files from it on Windows system. It can recover inaccessible content from corrupt .zipx file by fixing all sorts of errors that blocks access to the archive. Along with ZIPX files, it can fix multiple ZIP files which is damaged or inaccessible due to any reason. This utility can repair errors of ZIP archives like file structure error, CRC error, invalid entry size error, access denied error and many more. This program can be utilized on computers running with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. It has friendly and simple interactive interface so that user with less technical knowledge can use it easily to extract contents of a zipped folder that is inaccessible. To get better idea on how to use this product, just download demo version. It is similar to full version but you cannot save the repaired ZIPX files without the license key.

Steps to fix Zip error unexpected end of archive:

  • Download and install Yodot ZIP Repair application on Windows desktop
  • Run the repair tool and follow the instructions present on screen
  • Browse and select corrupt ZIPX file that you want to fix
  • Now, utility initiates to scan selected ZIPX archive
  • You can view scanning process in progress bar
  • After completion of scanning process, you will get a window displaying that archive is successfully repaired
  • Have a glance at the contents of fixed ZIPX file and verify repair process
  • At last, you can save repaired ZIPX archive along with its contents to desired destination location using 'Save' option

Notable Points:

  • Download trusted software to extract ZIPX file on Windows PC
  • Take backup of important ZIPX file to avoid unexpected file corruption