How to Retrieve Cut Files from SD Card?

SD cards are small in size and have large storage capacity, hence they are commonly used for storing various kinds of data on mobile phones, digital cameras, media players and other digital gadgets. Most of the users go crazy while relocating their photo files, video clips and other files from SD card to computers. However, while transferring data from SD card to system, hurry to quickly move files or due to any mistakes are done by user will lead to loss of files from SD card.

What Is the Convenient Process of Moving Files from SD Card to System?

The most common and convenient way of transferring files from SD card to the system is Cut – Paste operation. One may prefer “Cut” and “Paste” options or “Ctrl+X” and “Ctrl+V” shortcuts keys to reposition the SD card files. The various reasons such as accessing SD card files on the system or further usage of SD card storage space tends user to relocate its files to computer or other storage devices.

When user Cut and Paste a file, the respective file will be relocated from existing location to user specified location. Here you will find the existence of clipboard that can hold the files or information after using Cut option. The clipboard is an inbuilt function that acts as a score pad for storing files or data that you cut.

What Causes Loss of Files After Using the Cut Option On Files Stored in SD Card?

Whenever you commit any of these mistakes, then your files moved from SD card (i.e. cut files from the card) will get disappear from the clipboard and results in loss of those files. Before proceeding towards to solution, once confirm that whether your cut files are present in the clipboard by right-clicking on an empty space of your system desktop. After that, a small menu will appear, if the word "Paste" is enabled then click on it. If you still don’t get cut files of SD card, then the suitable way to restore lost cut files is to use relevant cut file recovery tool like Yodot Photo Recovery.

About Cut Files Recovery Software:

Using Yodot Photo Recovery software one can effortlessly bring back missing files after an improper Cut operation on SD card. The software can restore audio files, video files, photo files and another type of files stored in SD card on Windows system. This program is designed with advanced algorithms to scan affected device deeply whether it is an SD card or other storage devices like hard drive, flash drive, external hard drive, etc to get back lost or deleted files. Apart from SD card, the application rescues all the missing files from SDHC card, Micro SD card, CF card, XD card, Multimedia card and other types of memory cards. One can get back cut files instantly on Windows system running with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. With the use of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool, Mac users can bring back lost cut files from SD card on Macintosh computer.

Simple Steps to Bring Back Cut Files from SD Card:

Basic Instructions:

  • You should take instant action on cut files by recovering them using appropriate file retrieval software
  • Be attentive while performing any task on system, as you may unintentionally go wrong during the process whether it is simple or complex operation

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