Yodot ZIP Repair

The solution to your corrupted ZIP archive is right here!

  • Fast repair of corrupt ZIP / ZIPX files
  • Secure repair of corrupt ZIP file without any alteration to the original file
  • Repair even the password protected ZIP files
  • Support corrupt ZIP file repair that are created in WinZip
  • Preview files that are repaired from corrupted ZIP file
ZIP Repair Screen

Top 5 reasons for why Yodot ZIP Repair software is the right choice?

  • Yodot ZIP Repair tool utilizes advanced algorithms to repair corrupted or inaccessible ZIP / ZIPX files that are corrupted due to severe data loss situations
  • It has ability to repair and recover even the root files in a ZIP archive by using “# lost file” option
  • It can easily repair ZIP files that get corrupted due to file extraction error, download error or CRC error etc.
  • The software scans and reads the internal structure of a corrupted ZIP file and helps to extract all files and folders from the corrupt ZIP file The software facilitates easy and fast repair of large size ZIP / ZIPX files that are more than 5 GB in size


ZIP File acts as data containers in which one or more files can be stored in compressed form to reduce their size. It is done so that large size files can be easily shared or transferred over the network to reduce transmission time. Nowadays it’s common to compress files and transfer them over internet but the risk of files getting corrupt are more. The corruption can take place due to several reasons e.g. CRC error, virus infection, download error, sudden power failure or system shutdown etc. making ZIP files inaccessible.

Yodot ZIP repair is the right solution to all these troubles. It is specially designed to repair corrupted or inaccessible ZIP / ZIPX files. It is capable of repairing even the password protected files and the files that are created in WinZIP or any other compression tool

How to use the product?

  • Download and install the free demo version of Yodot ZIP Repair tool
  • Run the application and follow the onscreen steps to complete the repair process
  • Browse and select the corrupt ZIP / ZIPX file or the folder with spliced file parts, which you want to repair
  • Now, allow the software to scan the selected ZIP archive
  • As the scanning process completes, window opens showing that repair was successful
  • At this moment you can verify the structure of the data that can be retrieved from the corrupt ZIP file
  • Now, browse to select the destination location to save the repaired ZIP archive

What are the advanced features of Yodot ZIP Repair?

Features Detail
Repair ZIP / ZIPX Files or folders
  • Repair ZIP / ZIPX files that are corrupted
  • Repair both 32 and 64 bit ZIP archives
  • Repair ZIP archive created in WinZip
  • Repair password protected  ZIP files
  • Repair ZIP file corrupted due to CRC or download error
Lost File Option
  • This option lets you recover even the root files in ZIP archive
Robust Tool
  • Read and extracts the corrupted ZIP file contents without modifying the original file
  • The repaired Zip files contents can be previewed after scanning process
Free Updates
  • Regular updates regarding the product is provided without any extra charges
Store Files
  • The repaired ZIP file contents can be stored to any drive according to your need
24X7 Tech Support
  • Free customer support is provided, whenever you need help
Free Demo Version
  • The software is available as freeware for trial

How ZIP archives get corrupt?

Error in File Extraction Since files are highly compressed in a ZIP file, while extracting error due to memory or low disk space may occur leading to corruption of data
CRC  Error While sharing ZIP files over network, CRC error may occur which may induce unknown changes to the RAW data
Download Error Incomplete download of a ZIP archive can corrupt the file making it inaccessible
Virus Infection ZIP files may get corrupt due to virus attack
Unknown Compression Technique Unknown compression can corrupt the internal structure of ZIP file making it inaccessible
Improper System Shutdown Improper shutdown during ZIP file transfer or processing can cause corruption

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, WIndows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003

Hardware Specifications

  • Minimum Memory - 1 GB RAM
  • Free Disk Space - 50 MB (for installation)
  • System Type – Both 32bit & 64bit

Supported File Types

  • ZIP
  • ZIPX

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