How to Fix WinZip Corrupt Files?

“I had compressed set of files using some unknown compression tool. Recently, when I tried to unzip it on WinZip tool, it says that the ZIP folder is corrupt. I also tried to open it on other decompression tools in online but nothing worked. The archive holds very crucial information and I need it back somehow. Can anyone please suggest me a proper solution to access this corrupt Zip file? Thanks in advance.”

ZIP is a most popular compressed file format and the best tool to compress and decompress ZIP folder is WinZip. Thus, Zip files are also known as WinZip files in general. WinZip follows secure and efficient way of compression technique to encrypt / encode files to a ZIP folder. This ZIP can then be easily transferred over network, easily downloaded and stored in a very small memory space as compression reduces the actual file size. But, ZIP file may fail to open up when it is corrupt or severely damaged.

What Are The Major Causes For Corrupt WinZip Files?

All the reasons mentioned above eventually results in corrupt Zip folders and loss of valuable data in that folder. But, such corrupt WinZip files can be treated with the help of third party secure Zip repair tools. However, making use of unsecured tools to repair corrupt ZIP files may damage the file completely and leads to permanent inaccessibility of WinZip file.

How to Repair Corrupt WinZip File?

Most of the industry experts suggest Yodot ZIP Repair tool to resolve corrupt and damaged ZIP files on Windows computers. This software has powerful scanning technique to trace the issues causing Zip file corruption and fixes them just in few seconds. The application is suitable in repairing incomplete, virus infected and not opening ZIP folders created on various versions of WinZip application. It can also mend .zipx files on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 operating system based PC/laptop without any trouble.

Steps to Repair WinZip Files on Windows PC:

Tips to Avoid WinZip File Getting Corrupted:

  • Do not perform interrupted compression/ decompression of ZIP files.
  • Always use secured compression tool like WinZip to encrypt or to unzip files.
  • Avoid abrupt termination of WinZip application that causes corruption of its files.

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