Solving Zip File Error: Cannot Find Central Directory

“Hello friends, I have formatted my system today. Now re-installing all the software to my system, but wondered why an error ‘Zip file cannot find central directory’ is coming out every time when I try to extract Zip archive that is containing the setup of media application. Can anyone recommend me right solution to come over this issue? Many thanks in advance.”

Mostly Zip file cannot find central directory error comes out when extracting tool is looking the file in wrong location or the destination path to the desired archive is not right. However if the path to the Zip archive is absolutely correct then there might be some corruption or damage to the Zip file. When Zip archive is damaged it may simply throw such error while it is being extracted with some application. Let’s see the reasons which may corrupt or damage your Zip archives and enforcing archive to remain inaccessible with error message Zip file cannot find central directory:

Get a reliable utility to resolve ZIP file error!

With the use of Yodot ZIP Repair software, you can easily fix Zip file cannot find central directory error that is usually caused after file is damaged or corrupted. This ZIP file repair application provides quick solution to repair Zip error archive is either corrupted or damaged. This utility has inbuilt repair tool that identifies errors in ZIP file to make it readable accessible again. You can use this program to repair bad or damaged ZIP/ZIPX archives which are not being extracted and show various kinds of errors. In addition, this utility has potential to fix 7ZIP cannot open the file TMP access denied error, and encrypted archives which are inaccessible due to CRC error or other reasons. Users can run this powerful utility on all major Windows machines to achieve fastest and hassle free fixing of ZIP file showing Zip File Cannot Find Central Directory error.

Simple procedure to fix cannot find central directory error:

Useful Tips!

  • Maintain good network connectivity when sharing or downloading the ZIP archive
  • Keep backup of all important ZIP files on different storage locations
  • Install a powerful anti-virus program to clean viruses or malwares from your computer

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