Fix Error 7-Zip Cannot Open File .zip.tmp Access is Denied

“Hi everyone… Since from several days I am maintaining 7-Zip file and frequently adding some other files to that 7-Zip archive. But, today when I attempted to add few more files to that 7-Zip archive, I am greeted with error that went ‘7-Zip cannot open file .zip.tmp access is denied’ on Windows system. I don’t have any idea about what went wrong with my 7-Zip file. Anyone suggest me proper way to fix this problem. I wait for helpful replies!!!”

You may think that everything is fine, but still you may face problems with 7-Zip file somehow. In reality, abnormal behavior of any file depends on user operations with that file or handling of that file. In few situations, you may be unaware of what was going on with your compressed files like 7Zip on system as mentioned in above scenario. 7-Zip cannot open file .zip.tmp access is denied error may occur due to any fault with 7Zip file or because of problem with system. If this error message appears due to any system problems, then follow the below mentioned steps to fix the issue:

However, 7-Zip cannot open file .zip.tmp access is denied error may also shown due to problems with 7-Zip file because of various factors such as interrupted download of 7-Zip file, malicious virus attack, abrupt system shutdown while archiving 7-Zip file, usage of unauthentic third party tools to archive 7Zip file, bad sectors on hard drive, etc. In such case, 7-Zip file may get corrupt and become inaccessible. If so, then you should make use of relevant ZIP file repair software to repair corrupted 7-Zip file.

Software to repair 7-Zip file error:

Yodot ZIP Repair is one of the result-oriented software to fix error 7-Zip cannot open file .zip.tmp access is denied on Windows system. This application can go forward with deep scanning of erroneous 7Zip file and easily recovers files compressed in it. Along with 7Zip file, one can also repair broken ZIP file and ZIPX file using this Zip file repair program. It can also mend password locked or encrypted 7Zip files successfully. Even, this tool has in-built read-only feature that provides secure repair process while fixing corrupt 7Zip file with ease. This Zip archive repair software works compatible on Windows desktop / laptop installed with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to 7-Zip cannot open file .zip.tmp access is denied error:

Precautionary Tips:

  • Keep backup of essential 7Zip archives on external storage device
  • Do not go for unknown third party apps to uncompress 7Zip file
  • Before relocating 7Zip file over different directories try to modify its setting as required with expert assistance

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