How to Fix Corrupt ZIP File after Download Error?

Think of situation where in you have downloaded an important ZIP file from a website. After the completion of downloading process, you tried to extract the ZIP file but it refused to open and displayed an error message like “Zip file is corrupted, truncated or has been altered since it was created. If you have downloaded this file, try downloading again.” You tried to download your ZIP file for the second time, but it’s of no use again you got same message. You don’t know why these errors showed, because of which you are unable to open your ZIP file?

Usually, it could happen when your ZIP archive is corrupted due to downloading errors or incomplete download. Sometimes, ZIP file download process may get interrupted because of several reasons like problems in internet connection, power failures or abrupt system shutdown while downloading ZIP archive from internet. As a result, your ZIP archive remains in incomplete state and you cannot access files compressed in ZIP archive.

Before knowing on how to repair corrupted ZIP file after incomplete download, you should know other causes that might corrupt ZIP archive during the downloading process as listed below:

  • Creating Oversized ZIP File: WinZip allows you to create maximum of 2GB size and if this size limit exceeds, it becomes corrupted and the data or files present in ZIP file become inaccessible. Generally this type of problem does not occur when you create ZIP file, but this issue occurs when you send 2GB file to someone online and they fail to download it properly
  • External Threats: When you download the ZIP file that got infected with harmful external threats, download process will get completed but you may not be able to extract files from downloaded ZIP archive
  • FCS Errors: File Check Sequence (FCS) error is one of the general network errors. When particular file are being transmitted, the FCS of each file permits the receiving device to find out whether the transmission is completed correctly or not. If File Check Sequence of both the ends does not match with each other, then it leads to damage of ZIP archive

How to Fix Corrupted ZIP Archive?

Repairing ZIP file becomes a necessity with respect to the importance of files or folders compressed in ZIP archive. So using a third party ZIP file repair utility would be a correct way to fix issues in ZIP file in such circumstances. You can utilize Yodot ZIP Repair tool to successfully repair damaged ZIP file in four simple steps. It is read-only software that has user friendly interface and repairs ZIP archive that is not valid without affecting its file structure. During the repair process, a complete scan of the corrupted ZIP file is performed to locate and fix errors. After the repair process, it shows the list of contents recovered from repaired ZIP file on display screen; where repair results will helps you to estimate the performance of this tool.

Unlike ZIP file errors, Yodot can also fix errors of PST files, Word documents, PSD files, MP3 files etc. such as Cannot Save docx file - "A File Error has Occurred", .pst is not a personal folders file error, Outlook receiving reported error 0x80040600, Unable open PSD: “unexpected end of file” and so on.

Steps to fix ZIP File after improper download

  • Download the application and install it to your Windows computer
  • Once you install the software, run it and start the repair process
  • Follow the steps that you can see on the screen
  • Choose corrupted ZIP file, that you want to fix
  • Start the repair process by clicking on the "Repair" option
  • You can see the progress of repair process in the progress bar
  • Once the repair process gets completed, you can view the repaired file’s contents
  • At last save repaired contents on the desired location by selecting "Save" option

Tips for Future Reference

  • Make use of reliable internet connection so that you don’t face problems while downloading any files from internet
  • Avoid downloading ZIP file when internet is considerably slow
  • Don’t forget to backup important ZIP files or other files on regular basis