Repair Error Archive is Not a Valid ZIP Archive

“I am downloaded a ZIP archive related to one presentation, but it is showing an error message stating that “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again" on the Windows system. I tried downloading that ZIP file several times, but all my trials were of no use. I need to present my presentation tomorrow, please suggest to me any idea to fix this error in the ZIP archive.”

Similar to other file formats, even the ZIP archive display any error messages when it is corrupted due to interruption while downloading from the internet or transferring from one storage device to another using copy, cut and paste options. ZIP archive corrupted due to these reasons will show error ‘Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again’ or ‘This archive is not valid ZIP archive’ on the system.

The above-discussed errors can happen when part or complete ZIP file becomes corrupt due to disrupted download, copy or move process. One can resolve the problem if it happens because of internet breakage by downloading a new copy of the ZIP file. In case you are unable to replace that corrupted ZIP archive, then it is suggested to go for good ZIP file repair software like Yodot ZIP Repair.

Software to fix not a valid ZIP archive error:

Yodot ZIP Repair is one of the most trusted tools to repair ‘This archive is not a valid ZIP archive error’ on the Windows system. This tool thoroughly scans and fixes your damaged or corrupt ZIP archive and makes it possible to extract all contents saved in it. The application can repair and unzip invalid ZIP files of size more than 4 GB. You can even mend encrypted and password-protected ZIP and ZIPX files that are damaged due to several causes. It can easily run on various Windows operating systems.

Steps to fix not a valid ZIP archive error:

Basic instructions:

  • Before downloading valuable ZIP archives, try to recheck the internet connection and power backup
  • Before transferring ZIP files using Cut Paste options, it is suggested to save multiple copies of that archive
  • Do not attempt to open the ZIP archives soon after download, wait for a few minutes for their complete accommodation on the system disk

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