How To Unzip Invalid ZIP File Format And Fix ZIP File Error?

ZIP is a popular compression file format used by many computer users to securely save set of files in a folder. There are many appropriate tools such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc. to encode (create) and decode (unzip) ZIP archives. By compressing a set of similar files in to an archive, the file size reduces such that even a large sized file can be saved within very less memory space. Also, compressing files in to ZIP format will ease the difficulty of transferring these set of files on internet. But, there are certain issues that still trouble the users while zipping / unzipping files.

Consider a scenario here; you downloaded a ZIP folder from an unsecured site on internet. Though download process was successfully completed, there was a problem to extract files from this ZIP archive. An error message gets displayed stating that ZIP is invalid file format and cannot be unzipped. Appearance of such error message blocks the entry to ZIP folder and thus it becomes inaccessible. This error message is usually displayed when ZIP archive is corrupted. There are many reasons that renders ZIP file corruption on Windows systems, let us see few common scenarios below here:

When any ZIP file displays invalid format / invalid structure error message then it is always suggested to stop accessing the file immediately. Then without any delay, make use of reliable and effective third party ZIP repair utility to fix the error.

How To Fix Unable To Unzip Zip File Error?

Here is the solution; first and foremost method you need to try is to use inbuilt ZIP repair utility provided by Windows to resolve ZIP errors. If it does not fetch successful results, then make use of third party ZIP repair software and repair error showing ZIP files. Most of the industry experts suggest Yodot ZIP Repair software to extract contents of error showing ZIP archive on Windows OS computers. This tool provides an expertise solution to repair severely corrupted ZIP/ ZIPX file that refuse to open.

This application scans and reads internal structure of ZIP file that got corrupted due to various reasons and thereafter helps to extract all files and folders by repairing it. It works well on all latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.To evaluate this software’s performance, you may download its demo version. It will show you the procedure to repair damaged / invalid ZIP file. Using demo version you can repair ZIP archive and have a preview of it. To save repaired ZIP file you need to buy the full version of the software which is available at an affordable price.

Steps To Fix Unzipping Invalid ZIP File Format Error:

Tips To Avoid Losing Files From Invalid Zip Files:

  • Do not make use of unauthenticated compression techniques to compress / decompress files.
  • Maintain regular backup of important ZIP files on numerous storage media.
  • Update the antivirus program to scan and remove malicious viruses that enter along downloaded ZIP files from internet.

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