How To Resolve Error WinZip No Files to Extract On Zip Archive?

Zip is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. Zip file acts as a data container in which one or more files can be stored in compressed manner to reduce their size. Usually large sized files are compressed to reduce the file size, so that they can be easily shared or transferred over the network to reduce transmission time. The Zip file format permits a number of compression algorithm for compressing the data in Zip archive. Microsoft has included built-in Zip file under the name of “Compression folders” in Microsoft Windows 95 and above versions. Zip files generally use .zip as their file extension for Zip archive.

Now-a-days it became common to compress large size files and transfer them via internet or share them through network, similarly the risk of Zip files getting corrupt are also more? The corruption can take place due to several reasons and make Zip files inaccessible. Sometimes you may encounter error message like “WinZip has no files to extract” or other different error messages when you try to open or extract the corrupt Zip archive.

What Are The Causes For Zip File Corruption?

Above listed points are the main causes for Zip file corruption. If you try to extract or open corrupted Zip files, then you may encounter several Zip file error messages. One of the error messages is “winzip error no files to extract”. If you were struggling from to access files from Zip file due to these types of error messages, then don’t get disappointed. You can repair corrupted Zip files by using the Zip file repair tool. The only thing you need to do is just download and run the Zip file repair utility on your Windows system to fix Zip error issues.

How To Fix ZIP File Error?

Yodot ZIP Repair is an efficient repair tool used by most of the users for fixing issues with corrupted Zip file archive. You may encounter several error messages when you try to read or extract corrupt Zip files. This software is capable of repairing 32 and 64 bit Zip archive file created in WinZip tool. By using this product you can fix ZIP / ZIPX files corrupted due to CRC or download error and it also let you to recover root files in the Zip archives. This application provides preview option to view repaired Zip file contents after finishing the scanning process. It is robust software that reads and extracts the contents without modifying the original corrupted Zip file.

Steps To Repair Zip File Error:

Tips To Avoid Losing Zip Files:

  • Don’t interrupt while downloading the Zip file from internet, it may corrupt and make Zip archive inaccessible.
  • Install good anti-virus program to avoid virus or malware attack on Zip files.

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