How to Fix Incomplete ZIP File?

You are very excited about a new game which was launched few days before. You start searching for the game file on the internet and after spending hours you find it. You start downloading the game (.zip file), which is around 800 MB. Although the download was interrupted few times, the game gets downloaded completely. You can’t wait to unzip the file, but only to find many error messages indicating that downloaded ZIP file is corrupt?

Windows users could have faced such a scenario not just once, but several times while downloading the ZIP file from the internet. This type of ZIP corruption usually occurs due to incomplete or broken ZIP file download. Corruption to ZIP file is a very common problem these days, but this ZIP file corruption can be fixed with the help of repair tools. Other than incomplete download there are many other reasons for ZIP file corruption, some of the prominent ones are explained below:

You can resolve ZIP archive corruption by using ZIP repair software, where Yodot ZIP Repair would be the right choice. This effective ZIP file repair utility rigorously scans the corruptted ZIP file to locate and fix errors in ZIP file. It can repair severely damaged or broken ZIP files that are in incomplete state and recovers its contents. it has also got the ability to repair password protected ZIP archives that refuses to open or stops working due to corruption. It works compatibly on on all latest versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Procedure to Repair Incomplete ZIP File


  • In order to avoid ZIP file corruption due to broken downloads, check the internet connection before downloading the file
  • Don’t use third party application software to extract your ZIP file
  • Make your important ZIP files password protected
  • Use anti-virus software to remove viruses ot other threats causing ZIP file corruption

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