Fix ZIP File When Windows 8 Fails to Extract

Here is an issue reported by user – “Hi, I cannot figure out what has gone wrong, my .zip file is not opening on my Windows 8 computer. My Zip file contains all of my annual project folders and some necessary videos and images. Unfortunately, I am not having backup of this Zip file. What should be done when Zip file can’t be extracted on Windows 8? I need quick solution because I have seminar in coming week… Thanks.”

There may be several causes to this kind of behavior. In such case try to use different path to extract your Zip file. Instance, move your Zipped folder to other computer and try extracting its files. If it doesn’t work then Zip file is damaged and hence you are unable to open it in any condition.

Zip file on Windows 8 system might get corrupt if the associated application is not installed properly; and when incorrect OS update / upgrade affect the program files of WinZip. Now, have a look at situations in which your .zip file gets corrupt apart from Windows OS influence:

Header issue: This may be caused by the compression tool or process which is used to compress the file

Transfer error: There might be chances of getting error after incomplete download or file transmission

Incompatibility: Trying to open .zip file using incompatible application may lead to Zip file damage

Drive malfunction: If the Zip file contained drive eventually gets damaged then there might be chances of causing Zip file corruption

To overcome the above conditions, this page introduces specialized repair tool named Yodot, that will help to fix cannot open corrupt Zip file on Windows 8 system without any struggle.

Why you need to opt Yodot software?

Yodot ZIP Repair program is well designed to fix all kinds of issues with Zip file on any Windows system. This tool is built with simple user interface along with proper instructions to help you in repairing ZIP and ZIPX file without any technical assistance. Its read only feature does not modify the original content while fixing Zip archive. It will help you to repair damaged Zip file and lets you to recover even the root files in .zip archive. Not just on Windows 8, you can extract files from unreadable ZIP and ZIPX files even on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Free demo version is available here, to download click on below button.

How to repair not opening .zip file using Yodot application?

You can save the repaired .zip file after purchasing product key of Yodot ZIP Repair utility.

Recommended tips:

  • If RAR file is not opening in Windows 8 then you can make use of Yodot RAR Repair tool
  • Prefer maintaining backup of vital data on regular basis
  • Avoid compressing file using any untrustworthy tool

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