Repair Not Opening RAR File on Windows 8

“Hi, I received an important RAR archive in email attachment and downloaded it from my mail account. However, there was some trouble when I tried to open it in WinRAR tool on my Windows 8 laptop to extracting its contents. I downloaded RAR file again and tried to open it, but even this file did not open. So, can anyone suggest me how to fix RAR file that is not opening in Windows 8?”

RAR is a remarkable compression technique used to create compressed and encoded set of files by reducing its total file size. Generally, RAR files are extracted using WinRAR application on any computer. These archive files securely saves vast data within limited memory space to aid the file transfer process of that data over network. Unfortunately, RAR files can get corrupted in various situations leading to inaccessibility of information in compressed in RAR archive.

Main factors that cause RAR file corruption on Windows 8 systems are:

  • Transfer Error: During RAR file transfer over network, internet threats can damage its data bits or may even damage the RAR file header giving rise to CRC error and corrupting RAR file
  • Download Error: Interrupted RAR file download due to Windows 8 system shutdown or improper network connectivity can corrupt RAR file easily
  • Virus Intrusion: Downloading RAR files and saving them in Windows 8 hard drive that is infected by viruses or malwares can severely corrupt file that refuse to open
  • Other Factors: Errors in the working of WinRAR application, bad media spots on hard drive where RAR file is saved, improper Windows 8 updates, etc. may even damage RAR archive

In situations mentioned above, RAR file loses its accessibility credentials and refuse to open in Windows 8 PC or laptop. So, users might worry about how to extract corrupted RAR file that is not opening on Windows computer. Fortunately, this troublesome situation can be resolved by making use of efficient third party RAR repair tool on Windows 8 to fix corrupted RAR file.

RAR file repair software for Windows 8:

By making use of reliable and eminent software like Yodot RAR Repair on Windows 8 system, it is very simple to repair corrupted RAR archives that fail to open for any reason. This user-friendly interfaced RAR repair tool includes read-only strategies to securely fix RAR file without altering its data bits. It can generously repair RAR archives that do not open due to file damage and other logical errors on Windows 8 system. Users may even use this utility to mend encrypted, large sized, wrongly compressed RAR archives that cannot be opened in WinRAR application. This excellent RAR file repair software is compatible to run on computers with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps for fixing not opening RAR archive on Windows 8:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software on your Windows 8 system in which RAR file is saved
  • Install and run it by following instructions carefully
  • In main screen click on ‘BROWSE’ button to choose not opening RAR file from Windows 8 system drive
  • After selecting RAR file, click on ‘REPAIR’ button to trigger scanning process
  • When scanning ends, Preview the contents of repaired RAR file in next window
  • At last, save it to desired target location on computer hard drive or in other external storage drive

Valuable Tips:

  • Avoid interruptions by any means while downloading RAR files from internet
  • Keep backup copies of important RAR archives on more than one storage location without fail
  • Empower Windows 8 system with reliable antivirus tool to keep away viruses that corrupt RAR files