Software to Extract Corrupted RAR Files

“Each time when I try to open RAR file, it displays a message that “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”. I am getting this problem since two days when my system suddenly stopped working and I switched it off without closing RAR file. I have stored huge amount of files, folders and work related documents in it. Does anyone know how to extract files from corrupt RAR archive?”

Many computer users come across above mentioned situation while extracting files from RAR archive. If your RAR file is corrupted then it may be impossible to extract its contents unless you repair it. However, fortunately WinRAR allows you to fix corrupt RAR files and make it work as usual. Just read below steps and go according to it to extract files from corrupted RAR file.

  • First of all click on RAR file from where you want to extract files
  • Now click on “File” option which you can see at the top of left hand side and then select "Open Archive",locate corrupt RAR file and click "Open"
  • Click on "Extract To" option, check the box "Keep Broken Files" and then click on "Save Settings"
  • At last click "OK" to extract the corrupt RAR archive

This is the finest method provided by WinRAR to extract files from corrupted RAR file. But if there are any severe corruptions, then you will not able to open RAR file even after applying this method. In that case you should use other method i.e. fine RAR file repair software, which is one of foremost and safest way to fix corrupted RAR file and extract files from it. However, apart from above mentioned situation, you could also lose access to RAR file if you encounter below mentioned cases:

  • Switching of computer without using proper method can damage RAR file that was open during system turn off
  • Whenever you close RAR file, you should go to “File” option and then select “Exit”. But without keeping in mind if you directly press on the cross mark present at the top of the right hand side, then your RAR file might get corrupt
  • In case your system is infected with dangerous viruses, then it might damage not only RAR file but other data stored on your computer

How to extract corrupt WinRAR files?

As said above, if you cannot extract files from RAR archive using any manual method, then you should use RAR repair software from Yodot. This software can repair and recover files from inaccessible or corrupt RAR archive on Windows OS. It repairs large size files that got corrupted or damaged as a result of virus attack, power failure, improper closure etc. One good thing to know about this software is that it does not write single byte to the original RAR file and hence repairs it smoothly to create completely a new RAR file. Moreover, this tool can repair error cannot open file as RAR archive, CRC error in WinRAR, CHecksum error in RAR, and other error messages with RAR files with ease.

Instructions to extract corrupted RAR file contents

  • First of all download and install software into your computer from where you want to repair RAR file
  • Run the application and follow the onscreen steps to continue the RAR repair process
  • Browse to select corrupted RAR file that you want to repair
  • Now, the software scans the selected RAR file
  • After scanning process gets completes, you will see a message showing successful repair message
  • Simultaneously, the software shows the structures of the repaired RAR file
  • At last, select the destination location where repaired RAR archive contents can be extracted

Tips and Warning:

  • Ensure that there is a proper internet connection to your system
  • It is recommended to download powerful antivirus software to your computer to stay away from dangerous viruses
  • Backup important RAR files on weekly or monthly basis