How to Open Corrupt ZIP File?

“I have compressed few files using latest version of online compression tool. But after creating the archive when I tried to unzip it using WinZip application, the file didn’t open. When I browsed few sites online, I learnt that ZIP file is corrupted because of using unsecure compression application. Now, how to open corrupt Zip file that has most important data? Kindly suggest useful methods or tips to resolve this problem.”

One of the famous and evergreen archive formats, which is used on various platforms is .zip file. Compressing files in ZIP format will eventually reduce overall file size and increases data security as the compression includes 128- AES encryption. ZIP file achieve secure and fast file transfer over network. To open Zip file one has to use WinZip application, which is a standalone application. But there are times wherein a Zip file can get corrupt and refuse to open.

Factors that are responsible for ZIP file corruption are:

  • Zip file header corruption due to errors during compression
  • Interrupted transfer of ZIP file over network due to incomplete internet connectivity
  • Mal-functioning of WinZip application using which files are being compressed
  • Abrupt termination of WinZip application while extracting Zip file
  • Sudden system shutdown while compressing or downloading Zip file
  • Downloading Zip folder from any malicious site
  • Presence of bad sector on hard drive where Zip file is saved
  • Intrusion by harmful spyware present on storage device that holds Zip file
  • CRC error during transfer due to alteration of encoded bits of Zip file

In all these instances, Zip file can get damaged severely. When such corrupted Zip file is tried to open in WinZip it will reject to extract its content by showing various error messages. Now what users fear is how to open corrupt Zip file that holds crucial information like documents, video clips, images, etc. Fortunately, this kind of scenario can be solved by fixing corrupt Zip file with the assistance of reliable Zip repair program.

Ultimate ZIP repair tool to open corrupt ZIP file:

Built with extraordinary repair strategies, Yodot ZIP Repair is the best utility to fix corrupted ZIP file with ease. This software is designed with damage free read-only modules that securely repairs damaged Zip file and makes it accessible again. It can mend .zipx and .7z archive formats along with .zip file format on Windows computer. Its intuitive repair strategies can help you to fix Zip file when computer won’t open it due to errors like access denied, invalid archive format, temporary file failure, file not found, cannot find central directory and many others. This tool can be used on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based PCs or laptops to repair Zip archives successfully.

Follow these steps to repair and open corrupted Zip file:

  • Download Yodot ZIP Repair software on your Windows computer where Zip file is not opening
  • Install and run the utility according to given instructions
  • When main screen arrives, browse for corrupted ZIP file using ‘Open’ or ‘Browse’ button
  • After selecting required Zip archive, click on ‘Repair’ button to initiate scanning process
  • Scanning process can be monitored with the help of Progress bar
  • When it completes scanning, glance at extracted contents of Zip file in upcoming screen
  • At last, save this fixed Zip file to desired safe location on any storage device

Useful Tips:

  • Do not use unsecure applications to compress or extract Zip files
  • Make use of efficient malware protection tool to get rid of harmful viruses on system hard drive
  • Avoid errors while compressing or unzipping archives using WinZip