How to Fix Multiple Zip Files?

“Can anyone suggest me possible ways to fix multiple Zip files that render error message on trying to extract its contents. I dragged split Zip files to a destination folder and open WinZip to unzip these multiple files. But then WinZip says, cannot extract these Zip files. I think there is some issue blocking access to my Zip files. Can anyone suggest me how to repair multiple Zip files?”

Zip is an amazing archive file format to hold all compressed data by reducing its overall size. While creating Zip folder if the file exceeds specified limit then it becomes large. Seamlessly larger Zip files are not supported as email attachments or also while downloading from online sites. Hence, Zip has a feature to split large files in to separate smaller pieces and such files are referred as multiple Zip files or Split Zip files. This ensures smooth download of large Zip files and resolves oversize email size limits for Zip files. WinZip tool allows you to split Zip files based on specified size for each split. But these multiple Zip files may sometimes refuse to decompress in WinZip tool when they are corrupted or damaged.

Multiple Zip files may get corrupted in instances such as:

  • Interrupted process of creating multiple Zip files using WinZip tool
  • Trying to split larger Zip folder using any unsecure third party utility from online
  • Malware intrusion to split Zip files on system hard drive
  • Malfunctioning of WinZip tool using which multiple Zip files are tried to unzip

In these situations, multiple Zip files are likely to get corrupted or damaged; after which it cannot be opened using WinZip application. WinZip may even show various error messages when trying to unzip contents from damaged multiple Zip files. To overcome instances like this, only solution is to rely on good Zip repair tool.

Repairing multiple Zip files:

Yodot Zip Repair is the most preferable software to repair multiple Zip files on Windows OS. It includes read-only algorithms that safely fix all errors of Zip archives without causing any damage to the file contents. It has capability to fix incomplete, invalid or split Zip files from different storage devices like pen drive, external hard drive and others. It can resolve various errors with ZIP archive like CRC error, temporary file failure error, invalid file structure error, Zip file not found and other error messages. It can even repair 32 / 64 bit password protected, large or improperly compressed ZIP archives effortlessly. Along with Zip file, this utility can repair ZIPX file on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Guidelines to extract multiple Zip files:

  • Download the utility on Windows computer where multiple Zip files are saved
  • Install the tool and run it according to given instructions
  • In main screen click on ‘Browse’ button to select multiple Zip files to repair
  • Later, click on ‘Repair’ button and start scanning process
  • Software completely scans chosen Zip file and repairs it
  • Preview repaired Zip file contents and save it to desired destination location on system hard drive

Important Note:

  • Do not interrupt creation of multiple Zip files
  • Make sure system is free from viruses to avoid malware intrusion on Zip files
  • Before splitting larger Zip file take backup copy