How to Extract ZIPX Files on Windows 7?

“Recently I have downloaded a ZIPX file in Windows 7 system from internet. But I don’t have WinZip application installed in my Windows 7 computer. So, I tried to open it in Windows internal ZIP software available in my PC. However, even after repeated attempts, the ZIPX is not opening in that program and has become inaccessible. How to open ZIPX file in Windows 7 system? Please someone help in extracting valuable files from ZIPX archive that is not opening in Windows 7 PC??”

ZIPX is advanced data compression file format used in both Windows and Mac systems. Along with data archiving, this ZIPX file provides secure data compression with advanced encryption technology. Hence, one can safely transfer confidential files over network or among several devices. However, as discussed in above mentioned scenario, ZIPX file might not open in Windows 7 system because of different reasons. In most of the situations, due to incompatibility issues like using unsuitable application to extract contents of ZIPX file might make respective ZIPX file refuse to open in Windows 7 computer. Look into other situations which turn a healthy ZIPX into unreadable one on Windows 7 PC:

  • If free space of Windows 7 hard drive is less compared to size of files stored in ZIPX, then that ZIPX archive may not open
  • In case ZIPX file structure is corrupted due to virus attack or improper modifications in its header, then perhaps it refuse to open in Windows 7 computer
  • Interruptions while unzipping ZIPX file contents or while transferring ZIPX file might make it unreadable on Windows 7 system
  • If you have come across any of above mentioned situations and lost access to valuable ZIPX file then do not worry!!! You can easily fix corruption issue using efficient ZIPX file repair software.

    ZIPX file repair tool for Windows 7 system:

    Yodot ZIP Repair software is result-oriented ZIPX file repair software which can proficiently fix corruption issues in ZIP file and open all its files as it was on Windows 7 computer. Its read-only feature promise secure repair process and troubleshoot problems in ZIPX file that is not opening in Windows 7 system. Along with ZIPX file, this tool also repair and open corrupt ZIP files and 7Z files with ease. On the other hand, you can repair corrupted ZIPX files on any storage devices such as external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, SSD drives etc. on Windows 7 desktops / laptops. In addition to Windows 7 computer, this application is compatible to run on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista based systems.

    Steps to repair inaccessible ZIPX file on Windows 7 PC:

    • Download Yodot ZIP Repair tool and install it to Windows 7 desktop or laptop
    • After that setup application and follow simple onscreen directives
    • Choose ZIPX archive that is not opening in Windows 7 computer using “Browse” option and start repair process by clicking on “Repair” button
    • This software will begin to scan and fix unreadable ZIPX file
    • After completing ZIPX repair process, this program will show list of files or folders of repaired ZIPX file
    • At last browse for desired destination location to save fixed ZIPX file on Windows 7 computer

    Necessary Instructions:

    • Backup valuable ZIPX files stored in Windows 7 PC on secure storage devices
    • Use quality and updated anti-virus software on Windows 7 system to combat virus attack to ZIPX file
    • Avoid using unauthenticated / incompatible application to open ZIPX file in Windows 7 computer