Truncated ZIP File Repair

“Hi I downloaded a Zip folder to install an application on Windows system. However, after downloading when I clicked on that Zip folder to extract its contents, I got an error message stating, “Zip file is damaged, truncated… try downloading again” but I couldn’t re-download file again for few reasons. So, can anyone suggest me how to fix truncated Zip file on Windows PC? Please help.”

Zip is the most frequently used and well known archive format for computer users. Compressing set of files in to a Zip container will reduce overall file size of files and eases the work of transferring these files over network without much error. Yet, there are many factors that can corrupt Zip files making them inaccessible and throws error when tried to extract Zip file contents. One such error is, ‘Zip file is damaged truncated or has been changed since it was created’!!

A Zip file can get truncated and display above error due to following reasons:

When Zip file gets truncated and display ZIP file is truncated error, then user fails to unzip file contents facing loss of essential data. Fortunately, this kind of situation can be resolved by fixing truncated ZIP file using reliable Zip file repair software.

Useful traits of truncated Zip file repair software:

Yodot Zip Repair tool includes safe and secure way of fixing Zip archives that are damaged or corrupted or truncated under any situation. As the software is equipped with read-only repair strategies, it fixes the damage ZIP file without modifying its contents. Also, this software is proven to be virus-free by proficient antivirus programs and thus can be used without any trouble. It can even fix incomplete ZIP file on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based computers / laptops without any trouble. This tool is intended to fix ZIP, ZIPX as well as 7z archives that refuse to unzip its file contents on above mentioned scenarios on Windows systems.

Procedural steps to mend truncated Zip file on Windows:

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not interrupt during download / transfer of Zip archives
  • Always have a copy of important Zip file on other storage devices to avoid file corruption or loss
  • Do not use unorthodox compression methods to unzip or create Zip files

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