Fixing Corrupt ZIP File Invalid Entry Size Error

“Hi, I have downloaded a large Zip archive on my system and made use of ‘Java ZipOutputsStream’ utility to extract the archive. But, during the process I got an error saying invalid entry size. This has blocked access to my valuable info in that Zip archive. Can anyone please suggest me how to fix corrupt Zip file invalid entry size error? Thanks in advance.”

Zip is the most effective way to transfer huge files at a single shot by compressing them into an archive. Usually, most of the tech guys make use of java scripts like ZipOutputStream to unzip large Zip archives. However, there are many users who receive error while extracting Zip contents on ZipOutputStream that says, invalid entry size.

Some of the reasons behind this Zip file error are:

  • Use of incorrect version of Java program to unzip large sized Zip archive
  • Corruption of Zip file due to incorrect download process
  • Damage to Zip file header can sometimes cause this error while it is decoding
  • Interruptions while unzipping archive using third party decompression techniques
  • Software conflicts on system, using wrong compression technique to create Zip file, malware intrusion to Zip archive, etc. can all result in the above error

When Zip file gets corrupt due to invalid entry size error, users are able to extract only part of the archive. To unzip remaining contents of Zip archive, one has to make use of alternative Zip repair utilities.

Corrupt ZIP file repair tool:

One of the excellent software used to fix corrupted Zip file invalid entry size error and to extract its contents is Yodot Zip Repair utility. This software repairs all sort of issues related to corrupt or damaged Zip archives and recovers all the inaccessible contents within few steps. This tool can easily fix inaccessible or large sized, error showing or incompletely downloaded ZIP/ZIPX archives. This ZIP repair software can be utilized on Windows OS based computers/laptops like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Simple steps to resolve invalid entry size error in ZIP file:

  • Download this ZIP file repair software on your Windows PC, where corrupt Zip reside
  • Then, install and run the application on this system
  • Later, click on Browse button in main window to choose error showing corrupt Zip file
  • Click on repair button to resolve invalid entry size error of corrupted Zip file
  • Then program performs a scan on selected Zip archive and fixes all its issues
  • After completion of scanning process, view the contents of healthy Zip file
  • Save the repaired Zip files and its contents in desired destination location on your PC

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not interrupt while extracting / downloading ZIP archives
  • Make use of powerful antivirus tool to get rid of malicious viruses