How to Fix Large Size Zip Archive?

“Have you ever troubled with Zip files because of their large size? Tried hard to unpack large Zip file but got error saying about problem regarding Zip archive size? There can be a number of scenarios which may stop you accessing important data contained in large sized Zip archives. Many times, Zip files get corrupted because of their large size since they are not easy to handle during upload, download, compression or extraction. You may find a large size Zip archive inaccessible in any of following circumstances:”

  • Sometimes, users may reach to such mischance when splitting large sized Zip archive into small pieces to assist with large downloads and uploads while compiling emails with attachments
  • An interruption during download process is a classic example that often sets kind of problems with Zip archives. If a large size Zip file is not downloaded completely, it might refuse to open
  • Failure of WinZip utility while creating Zip archive or unpacking them could also render bad large size Zip file
  • Unavailability of memory space where file is being downloaded can cause damaged large size Zip file
  • Storage drive corruption due to virus, malware or spyware attacks can make your large size Zip archives corrupted or inaccessible

Best tool to fix large Zip file:

Definitely you cannot do much manually when it comes to resolve issues which are making your large Zip file inaccessible or corrupt. Therefore, it is always recommended to utilize a reliable third party application to deal with large size Zip archives. Yodot ZIP Repair is quite popular tool for repairing large sized Zip files which are damaged, inaccessible or showing different type of errors. Even this software, supports repairing split ZIP file or truncated, invalid, error showing Zip archives. This is an automated Zip file repair utility that facilitates hassle free and quick fixing of archives in Zip, Zipx and 7Zip file formats on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, windows XP and other popular Windows OS based computers and laptops.

Simple steps to repair ZIP files not opening on Windows computer

  • Download Yodot ZIP Repair program to your Windows computer that is having large Zip file and accomplish the installation procedure
  • Run the application to get the main screen displayed on your computer window and start repairing process
  • Click on ‘Browse’ option to search and locate particular Zip file that is large sized and not opening
  • After selecting the file, click “Repair” button to start fixing large size Zip archive
  • The repair software scans selected file to analyze and fix problems in large size Zip file
  • Users can monitor the repair status with the help of a progress bar being displayed on the computer screen
  • Upon completion of fixing operation, you will be provided a list that contains all the content saved in respective Zip file
  • Choose your desired storage location and click on “Save” option to save repaired file

Helpful Suggestions!

  • Don’t interrupt the process when Zip file is being transferred, downloaded, compressed or extracted
  • Make sure that there is enough space and good network connectivity while uploading or downloading Zip file
  • Have an effective anti-virus program in your computer to protect Zip files from virus attacks