How to Fix Multipart ZIP File?

Multipart or multivolume ZIP file: Each and every user knows well about compressing the large number of files into a ZIP file format. One can even split large sized ZIP archive into several parts. In order to attain various tasks easily, users will choose dividing the large size ZIP file and the resultant archive is called as Multipart ZIP file. It has extensions .z01 or .zx01, .z02 or .zx02, etc. The different advantages of multipart ZIP files are:

  • Multivolume ZIP files provides great assistance in downloading large sized ZIP files in less time
  • Offers storing large number of files in less storage space
  • Multipart ZIP archives become solution to email attachment size limit while sending lengthy files and allow sharing huge information easily over network

Even though multipart ZIP file is strongly designed for archiving files in high secure and safe way, it can be inaccessible under various instances. Here are the some scenarios, which reveal how multipart ZIP file can get corrupt:

  • Download error: The process of downloading multipart ZIP file from internet is broken up due to abrupt system shutdown, breakage of internet connection, etc. then it will cause multipart ZIP archive corruption
  • Virus attack: Even though multipart ZIP files are protected by password, many external threats like viruses, malwares, Trojan horses and others may still corrupt the file. Thus results in unreadable multivolume ZIP file
  • Logical errors: Whenever you try to decompress multipart ZIP files in incompatible version of the WinZip utility, then you might get some errors in its working program. This may lead to damaged or broken multipart ZIP file
  • CRC error: When the checksum codes of multipart ZIP file do not match up with each other while extracting the archived files on WinZip application, then Cyclic Redundancy Check error will arise. In such situation, you might end up in inaccessible multipart ZIP file

It is true that you can fix multipart ZIP file corrupted severely due to above mentioned reasons. If you are eager to know how to repair multipart ZIP archive, then here is the best multipart ZIP file repair tool named Yodot ZIP Repair.

Multipart ZIP file repair software:

Yodot ZIP Repair software is used to fix corrupted multipart ZIP archive due to any critical situation on Windows system. Using this tool, you can repair multivolume ZIP files of .zip and .zipx file formats. It can repair multipart ZIP file easily and restores all its files of various formats without changing a single bit of information. This Zip repair program successfully repairs damaged multipart ZIP file of 4GB file size or even more. It repairs broken multipart ZIP archives on Windows computers/laptops running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to mend multipart ZIP file:

  • Download the Yodot ZIP Repair program and install it to your Windows system by login as system admin
  • After that launch the software and follow the onscreen guidelines
  • Select the inaccessible multipart ZIP file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button to start the repairing process
  • This tool will initiate to scan and fix corrupted multipart ZIP file
  • One you complete the repair process, the application displays the list of files or folders of repaired multipart ZIP file
  • Lastly, save fixed multipart ZIP file on your preferred location on system


  • Inspect and delete harmful viruses from system using quality antivirus application to avoid corruption to your essential files
  • Backup your important multipart ZIP files on multiple storage devices
  • Avoid extracting or unzipping multipart ZIP file in incompatible applications