How to Fix CRC Errors in ZIP Files?

ZIP files are extremely popular because of its eminent properties. People make use of ZIP archives so that large size files can be easily shared or transferred. It employs different compression techniques to reduce the size of the files, which in turn saves the disk space usage and transmission time. Also furnishes features like password - based encryption system.

How corruption takes place in ZIP files?

Unfortunately glitches can’t be avoided. They may arise, while downloading, uploading or copying ZIP files, making them inaccessible. So if a ZIP file is damaged, you may not be able to unzip the files from the ZIP file.

CRC error is one of the most common causes of ZIP file corruption. It may turn out, due to many possible scenarios. Among the most common is the file transfer error (download or upload) over the internet / network, which introduces invalid data into the ZIP file contents. Some other possible causes could be physical damage of the disk surface where ZIP file is residing or the use of unknown compression technique to shrink the files.

What to do if CRC error occurs?

When you see error messages like "Cannot open file: invalid archive" or "Unexpected end of archive", it means that you need an efficient ZIP file repair utility, which can repair damaged ZIP archives and extract the files inside it.

Yodot ZIP Repair is the right solution for your concerns. It uses advanced repair technology that can repair error while extracting corrupted ZIP files in fast and secure manner. Can handle ZIP files of any size and can even rescue password protected ones.

Instructions to use the software

  • Download the software and then install it in your computer
  • Start the software by double clicking the icon
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Now select the corrupted ZIP file, which need to be repaired
  • Initiate the repair process by hitting on the "Repair" button
  • View the repair progress in the progress bar
  • After the end of repair process, you can view the repaired file’s contents
  • Now, store the repaired contents on the desired destination folder by selecting "Save" option

Things To Remember

  • Backup to safeguard your critical data
  • Use efficient internet connection to avoid errors during file transfer
  • Keep your antivirus utilities up-to-date