How To Fix Zip Error "Cannot Extract Files From Zipped Folder"?

“One of my friends has sent me a ZIP file via internet. When I clicked on it to download, the file was downloading but during the process my system got turned off due to unknown reason. Few minutes later I have restarted my computer to resume the download process. However, the ZIP file got downloaded successfully but when I clicked on it to access files, it displayed an error message that "Cannot complete the compressed (zipped) folders extraction wizard”. I am not able to recognize reason behind it and I cannot ask my friend to send ZIP file again as he had deleted it after sending. Does anyone know why this is happening?”

This is one of the frequently asked questions by many ZIP file users. The major cause responsible for Zip error is error downloading. When download process is disrupted as a consequence of power failure, improper system shutdown or software malfunction, then it introduces invalid data into ZIP file and make it corrupted. Hence Zip archive shows error warning like cannot extract files from Zipped folder when you try to unzip archive. The obvious solution to this issue is to attempt to repair Zip folder with a system utility on your computer using below mentioned steps:

Most of the times, this method gives successful result. But if the ZIP file is severely corrupted, then this method does not help you to repair damaged ZIP archive. Therefore, last and the best option that you can choose to fix corrupted ZIP file is utilizing good and result oriented Zip file repair software.

How To Repair Zip Error Cannot Extract Files From Zipped Folder Using Yodot Zip Repair?

Yodot ZIP Repair is embedded with a highly competent feature that allows you to repair partially or highly damaged ZIP archive displaying unable to extract files from zipped folder error message. It runs virtually on any computer so that you may easily unzip files from Zipped folder despite the root cause of corruption. This tool conducts extensive scan of corrupted ZIP archive and repair it instantly, so that you can access data from it. The application can easily fix corrupted ZIP / ZIPX files after download error whose size is more than 4 GB on any Windows system.

Steps To Repair And Extract Files From ZIP Archive Showing "Cannot Extract Files From Zipped Folder" Error:

Tips To Avoid Getting Cannot Extract Files From Zipped Folder Error:

  • Do not download ZIP file when there is continuous fluctuation in power or network connection.
  • Close ZIP file by using “Exit” option provided in the “File” menu.
  • Keep scanning your computer with antivirus software so that you can easily get rid of viruses.

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