Resolve Non 7Zip Archive Error

“Hi, I recently downloaded a 7z archive from internet. After completion of download, when I tried to open and extract the archive I was welcomed with error message that said “Non 7Zip archive, cannot be accessed.” It was a onetime download file and I cannot download it again. So, how to fix non 7Zip archive error showing 7z file and to access its contents? Please help me by suggesting good solution to overcome this troublesome.”

7Zip is a compressor program used to encode data into .7z archive format just like any other compression technique. Its compression rate is much better than ZIP archive as it uses pre-processors, encryption filters and advanced algorithms to reduce file size, provide security for the data. 7Zip compressor can even encode / decode other archive formats like ARJ, ZIP, RAR, gZip, JAR, XAR, TAR and many others. But, 7z files may lose accessibility due to error like non 7Zip archive.

What is non 7Zip / 7z archive error?

This is an error occurred while trying to extract contents of a 7z file that is corrupted or damaged due to factors like:

  • Incomplete download – When downloading 7 Zip archive inappropriate network connection, sudden system shutdown, etc. can cause the download process incomplete
  • Incorrect 7Zip installation – Errors while installing 7Zip on system can sometimes successfully install the program but can corrupt the 7z file that is being opened in it
  • Driver update – It is a rare case, where system is not updated with correct driver software and hence, 7z archive gets damaged when tried to access it using 7ZIP program

Other than this, 7z archive error may occur due to irregularities in the working of 7Zip archiver, virus infection, presence of bad sectors in the location where 7z archive is saved, etc. When 7z archive throws non 7Zip error, it is time to fix the file by utilizing good archive repair tool.

Best software to repair non 7z archive error:

Yodot ZIP Repair is the efficient tool to fix errors of 7z files just in simple clicks. This software is developed with excellent repair modules to securely fix 7Zip archives that show various errors like CRC error, non 7Zip archive error, not implemented error, cannot find archive, etc. Its powerful read-only algorithms safely repairs .7z, ZIP and ZIPX archives without altering the file contents. If you encounter any error while extracting Zip file in WinZip / 7Zip then this tool is the best option to fix the issue and make the Zip file accessible again. One can use this tool on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers to fix erroneous, corrupted / damaged ZIP, ZIPX and 7z archives.

Simple steps to resolve non 7Zip archive error:

  • Download the software on a Windows computer where .7z file is saved
  • Install and run the utility according to given instructions
  • In main screen click on browse button to select error showing .7z file
  • After selecting the 7z file click on Repair button to let the software scan the file
  • Software scans the selected 7Zip file to fix its error that will be shown in Status bar
  • Resultant 7z file will get displayed along with its file contents for Preview
  • Lastly, click on Save button and store this repaired 7z file to new destination location

Necessary Tips:

  • Avoid interruptions while downloading / transferring 7z archives over internet
  • It is advisable to hold backup of necessary 7Zip archives to overcome unforeseen file corruption