Repairing ZIPX File Error

ZIPX file is outstanding archive file format used to share data over internet and it is the advanced file extension type of ZIP file format. It is also known as archive which manages multiple archives together. ZIPX files are saved in .zipx file format. ZIPX file has many compression algorithm for compressing files in ZIPX archive, using it user can easily transfer large size files. Here Microsoft is added with in-built ZIP file named as Compression folders in MS Windows used to reduce file to save memory usage space on drive. Sometimes ZIPX file becomes inaccessible by showing error.

Let us consider a scenario where you download a ZIPX file having information about your bank details and other data. Later when you extract them on hard drive, you may encounter an error message due to which you are unable to view the content that are saved on it. In this situation, you might be wondering how to repair ZIPX file error on Windows computer? What kind of procedure to be used? Just go through this article to find the perfect solution.

  • Accidentally if user stores ZIPX file on Windows desktop that has many bad sector on it then there is possibility of file corruption by making it to show error message
  • Improper usage of compression technique can corrupt internal structure of ZIPX archive making it inaccessible
  • ZIP file header can get corrupt due to incomplete transfer or download process
  • Other reasons like closing ZIPX file abruptly, download error, CRC error, etc. can corrupt ZIPX file by displaying error message
  • Virus infection leads to corruption of ZIPX files after which it shows error message and stops from being extracted

Above mentioned scenarios shows that ZIPX files are corrupted by displaying error and it has to be fixed inorder to unzip its. It is better to stop accessing those ZIPX files and use reliable ZIPX repair utility to fix such error files.

Salient features of ZIPX repair tool:

Yodot ZIP Repair software can easily fix ZIPX file error easily on Windows operating system. It easily mend corrupted, password protected, inaccessible or incompletely downloaded ZIP/ ZIPX files. Along with ZIPX file error, it can repair 7Zip CRC error, invalid entry size error, file access denied error, ZIP file error, unable to open ZIPX file error, etc. This program can be utilized on computer running with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. To get better idea on how to use this product, just download demo version. It is similar to full version but you cannot save the repaired ZIPX files. In order to save, you need to purchase the software which is available in reasonable price. Moreover, it has friendly and simple interactive interface so that user with with less technical knowledge can also fix inaccessible ZIPX files with error.

Steps to repair ZIPX file error:

  • Download and install Yodot ZIP Repair application on Windows desktop
  • Run the repair tool and follow the instructions present on screen
  • Browse and select the corrupt ZIPX file that you want to fix
  • Now the utility initiates to scan the selected ZIPX archive file
  • You can view the repair process in progress bar
  • After completion of scanning process, you will get a window displaying that ZIP file is successfully repaired
  • Now you can verify your data from repaired ZIPX file
  • At last, you can save the repaired ZIPX file to desired destination location using 'Save' option on computer


  • Avoid working on ZIPX files when there is continuous power failure
  • Take backup of important ZIPX file to safeguard your data