Repair 7Zip File Showing CRC Error

“Hi, I received a 7Zip file in an email attachment and downloaded it to my desktop to unzip it. Unfortunately, as I clicked on the 7Zip file to extract its content, I was welcomed with an error message saying CRC error. I didn’t understand what this error is and how to resolve it. Can anybody help me to fix CRC error showing 7Zip file? Please post some suggestions.”

7Zip is one of the widely used compression techniques similar to Zip compression. 7Zip application creates compressed archives with .7z file format, which is much better than ZIP file format. It uses varieties of algorithms to compress .7z archives. It also decompresses .zip, .rar, .jar, .arj and other archive formats with ease. However, this 7Zip file undergoes various uneven situations after which archive gets corrupt and shows errors; one such error that makes 7Zip file inaccessible is CRC error.

7Zip CRC error:

Every archive file holds a CRC value while zipping the contents and this value will be saved within archive. Again while unzipping archive, decompressing application like WinZip matches calculated CRC value with existing value of that file. If both the values do not match, then it gives way for CRC error. Encountering CRC error message during 7Zip file extraction implies that either contents of file is damaged or altered. There are many reasons that causes CRC error in 7Zip file such as:

As 7Zip file becomes inaccessible after CRC error, many users worry thinking how to fix 7Zip CRC error? It is very simple with the help of alternative repair tool like Yodot ZIP Repair software, which is capable of fixing error showing corrupt or damaged 7Zip files with extreme ease.

Repairing 7Zip CRC error:

Yodot ZIP Repair software includes read-only algorithms that safely fix all errors of .7z archives without causing any damage to the file contents. This amazing program can easily mend erroneous and incomplete 7Zip files on various storage devices on major Windows operating systems. Apart from 7Zip file, this tool can fix ZIP file after CRC error, invalid archive, corrupt archive, error cannot open Zip file access denied, and other error messages. It can even repair 32 / 64 bit password protected, large or improperly compressed ZIP and ZIPX archives effortlessly. This utility is developed to function on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems to fix ZIP archives.

Guidelines to extract CRC error showing 7Zip file:

Important Note:

  • Do not interrupt during transfer / download process of 7Zip files from internet
  • Make sure system is free from viruses before downloading any important 7z archive on it
  • It is recommended to hold backup copy of essential 7Zip archives on external storage devices

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