Resolve Unspecified Error of ZIP File

“I have downloaded a ZIP file from internet which was sent from by my client. But whenever I try to extract files from it I get error message. It reads like “Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error”. I have downloaded same file for a couple of times, but it’s still giving me the same problem. So, does anyone know what is causing this error and how can I might fix this Zip file unspecified error?”

The above stated message is quite a common error message displayed by ZIP file, which will stop you from reading data compressed in it. However keep your worries aside!!! The problem does not remain a problem after reading this page. It provides details on possible causes for Zip file error and actions you may want to consider in order to correct issue of ZIP file unspecified error. Mainly, the unspecified error while extracting ZIP archive could be caused when the content of ZIP archive is not compressed in a proper way. Improper compression can corrupt the internal structure of ZIP file making it inaccessible. But you would be glad to know that you can make inaccessible Zip file accessible by utilizing ZIP repair software.

Few other causes behind ZIP file unspecified error:

  • You need to close ZIP file by clicking over “File” menu and choosing “Exit” option from it. But if you close it directly without utilizing this option, then ZIP file is likely to get corrupted and display unspecified error message
  • Ignoring error message and forcefully shutting off computer when ZIP file is open from background can cause its corruption and makes it unreadable
  • When your system is infected with perilous viruses then it may damage header of ZIP file and makes it impossible to access data from it
  • Most of the times, ZIP file gets damaged due to CRC error that may occur while sharing ZIP files over network. It will induce unknown changes to the RAW data present in ZIP and leaves it in corrupted state

Even though, there is manual way to repair corrupted ZIP file you cannot use it to correct unspecified error because ZIP file is severely damaged in the above case. Hence, if you want to make original file work then download proficient ZIP repair software to your computer.

Solve unspecified ZIP error:

Yodot ZIP Repair software is the perfect solution for resolving all errors associated with ZIP files such as “Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error”, “Unexpected end of archive error” “Incomplete ZIP file error” etc. It is a reliable and successful application used by many professional users for fixing corrupted / damaged ZIP and ZIPX archive. It involves only 3 – 4 steps after following which your inaccessible ZIP file becomes accessible again. It is extremely well-suited for all Windows computers/laptops running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. Moreover, the download size of this software is very less and your computer hard drive does not need much space to install it.

Procedure to correct unspecified ZIP error:

  • Download and install Yodot ZIP Repair tool to your computer
  • Run the application and follow the onscreen steps to begin the Zip repair process
  • Browse and select corrupt ZIP / ZIPX file which you want to repair
  • Allow the application to scan the selected ZIP archive
  • As the scanning process completes, a new window opens showing a message that repair process was successful
  • Now you can verify the structure of the data that can be retrieved from the corrupt ZIP file
  • At last, browse to select the destination location to save repaired ZIP archive

Important Points:

  • Do not compress files into a ZIP archive if you don’t know the proper technique
  • Make sure that internet connection is good while you download ZIP file from it