How to Fix Encrypted Zip File?

Updated on July 14, 2022

You have compressed several files such as documents, photos, videos and many other in a ZIP file so that you can save disk space. Since you have compressed many documents related to your business project, you encrypted the ZIP file by assigning password to it. One fine day, you have opened ZIP file to extract certain files from it. After completion of your work, you did not close ZIP file and clicked on “Shut down” option provided on the bottom of the window. Your system displayed a message that one program needs to close and presented two options i.e. “Forceful shut down” and “Cancel”. Without noticing, you clicked on the option “Forceful shut down”. Next day when you tried to open ZIP file, you were presented with error message stating that it is corrupt. In such case you may be bothered about the files that have been compressed using ZIP archive.

However, keep your worries aside!!! You are not the one who faced this type of situation. At some point everyone might have come across such issues while unzipping files from encrypted ZIP archive. But one good thing to know is you can repair it with the help of Zip repair software.

What Are The Causes Liable For Damage Of Encrypted ZIP Files?

  • There may be the possibility of ZIP file corruption when you save it on computer that has many bad sector on its hard drive.
  • Improperly closing ZIP file, CRC errors, download errors and other reasons can damage encrypted Zip file which refuse to open.
  • Since ZIP archive is compressed with many files, errors while extracting files from Zip archive due to memory or low disk space may lead to its corruption.
  • Improper compression technique can corrupt the internal structure of ZIP archive making it inaccessible.

How To Fix Encrypted Zip Files?

Many computer users lose hope thinking that once ZIP file gets corrupted, it cannot be repaired at any cost. But it’s not the case. As you read above, you can repair it with the help of correct Zip repair software named Yodot ZIP Repair. This software scans and reads the internal structure of a corrupted ZIP file (encrypted) and helps to extract all files and folders from it. Once the ZIP file repair gets completed, you can view Zip file contents, which can be stored to any preferred location according to your need. This Zip repair tool works compatibly on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems. To get clear idea on how to operate this software, just download the demo version. It is similar to full version but only the difference is you cannot save repaired ZIP file. To save the ZIP archive you are supposed to purchase the full version of the software which is available at an affordable price.

Steps To Repair Encrypted ZIP File On Windows:

  • Download and install the free demo version of Yodot ZIP Repair tool.
  • Run the application and follow the onscreen steps to complete the repair process.
  • Browse and select the corrupt ZIP / ZIPX file which you want to repair.
  • Now, allow the software to scan the selected ZIP archive.
  • As the scanning process completes, window opens showing that repair was successful.
  • You can now verify the structure of the data that has been retrieved from the corrupt ZIP file.
  • Now, browse to select the destination location to save the repaired ZIP archive.

Tips To Avoid Losing Encrypted ZIP Files:

  • Before encrypting ZIP file make sure that you keep backup of it.
  • Avoid accessing files from ZIP when there is continuous power fluctuation.
  • Since password is required to open ZIP file after repairing, make sure that you remember its password.

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