Fix Invalid Corrupt Zip File

I had backed up all my important data and documents in large Zip file. After few weeks, I had an urgent requirement for one of the files that stored in ZIP archive, but to my surprise Zip file is refusing to open. Installing different Zip file applications didn’t help me to open Zip archive. I was unable to access any of files from compressed Zip file when required. I almost faced the risk of losing my job, then my friend told me about Zip repair tool to resolve my problem.

Never lose hope! When a Zip file gets damaged, never think that its contents cannot be recovered. This compression technique has been followed ever since it was developed as the user can save information in the computer without occupying much space. Various levels of compressing techniques can be used to reduce the size of your files. Using this Zip file format, you can compress and share the files via internet. This also provides data security for the files when they shared over internet. However, these Zip files can get corrupted and becomes invalid in many occasions: Some of them are as explained below:

Virus Infections: This is one of the major reasons that lead to corruption of the Zip files. Gaining access through internet or sharing files from drive, which is already infected with viruses can damage the file system storage drive. This makes all files saved on it including Zip files inaccessible

Application Fault: The Zip application that has been installed might start malfunctioning or giving troubles due to sudden system shut down or when user upgrades ZIP tool to another version. Application fault might corrupt the Zip files opened or created using it

Extraction Error: If the memory space of your hard drive is less than the files that are extracted from Zip archive, then there may be chances of your Zip file corruption, leaving it in invalid state. Therefore before extracting the files, one must always make sure that there is enough memory space in your hard drive

How to repair damaged Invalid Zip File

With the services of professional Zip file repair tool like Yodot Zip Repair, all corruption related issues to your Zip file can be repaired in short time. This software is developed with advanced features for repairing and recovering contents from invalid Zip file that won’t open. There is no need to worry about the name of the files, as this application gets back all the information with the same name in which they were originally saved. As the repair process gets completed, you can take a look at the list of files present in Zip file. This tool is tool choice for fixing corrupt or invalid ZIP and ZIPX archives on Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Steps to mend corrupt invalid Zip file:

Safety Tips:

  • Keep a good antivirus program installed in your system and have it upgraded regularly
  • Secure your Zip files with passwords, so that there is no security threat
  • Download a trusted utility to extract the Zip files

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