How Can I Extract Password Protected ZIP File?

People often store their important files and folders on their personal computer and as a result the storage space on hard disk keeps on increasing day by day. When hard drive gets full and system speed reduces and you’ll face lot of problems while transferring bulky files through emails. However, zipping files under single archive solves such problems. ZIP is a file compression technique used to compress files and folders on computer hard disk, which saves its memory space. Additionally, it helps you send large sized files over internet easily.

ZIP files provide a very useful feature, i.e. password protection to avoid unauthorized access of your confidential data. It is very useful when you don’t want anyone to access the contents of ZIP file. But sometimes due to logical or technical glitches your ZIP file might get corrupt and its data remains inaccessible. No need to worry if your password protected ZIP file is corrupted, because you can eliminate corruption and extract contents of password protected ZIP archive using suitable ZIP repair software. To know more, continue reading the article.

What Are The Reasons For Password Protected ZIP Files To Get Corrupted?

How To Unzip Password Protected Zip Files?

Whatever may be the reason for your password assigned ZIP file corruption, it can be fixed using reliable Zip repair utility such as Yodot ZIP Repair. This ZIP Repair tool would be the right choice for you in such situations to solve all errors related to ZIP and ZIPX archives. It can easily extract contents of an invalid or corrupted compressed zipped folder that refuse to open in any extractor tool on Windows. The software rigorously scans your broken password protected ZIP archive and extracts each and every file from it. Moreover, the tool repairs ZIP file of both 32 and 64 bit types on Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008) operating systems. It is expert in fixing error ZIP file not found, CRC error in ZIP file, ZIP file cannot be opened access denied, Compressed ZIP folder access denied, and other error messages related to ZIP file.

Steps to Fixing Password Protected ZIP Files:

Tips To Avoid Password Protected Zip Files To Get Corrupted:

  • Use reliable tool to compress your ZIP file and never share your ZIP file over different computer networks.
  • Maintain regular backup of your important ZIP files on reliable storage drives such as external hard drives, pen drives, optical drives etc.
  • Never interrupt while transferring or downloading your ZIP file.

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