Repair ZIPX File Header

I have downloaded a ZIPX file from internet, but unable to open it as it displays an error message as 'Header corrupt'. Then I tried to download that file again but still the problem persists. The reason behing this issue is unknown to me. Can anybody suggest me a better solution to fix ZIPX file? Please help me out!!!

ZIPX file is an advanced file extention of ZIP file format. ZIPX file format is also known as archive which manages multiple archives together. ZIPX files are saved as .zipx file format. File header is important component of every file format. It consists of basic information about particular file name and various other characteristics. ZIPX file header contains informative like file last modification date and time, local file header signature, compressed and uncompressed file size, file name and its length. Sometimes ZIPX file header corruption makes your file unreadable and inaccessible.

Some possible reasons for ZIPX file header corruption are as follows:

If ZIPX header corruption makes your ZIPX file inaccessible, then you need to use prominent ZIPX file repair tool to fix it.

Recommended ZIPX header repair tool:

Yodot ZIP Repair is the most advanced software to that has caliber to fix ZIPX header that is corrupted or damaged. Along with ZIPX file, it can also fix corrupt ZIP file header on Windows system. It can mend damaged or inaccessible, incompletely downloaded ZIP/ZIPX files. This utility can repair errors like file structure error, CRC error, invalid entry size error, access denied error and many more. It scans and reads internal structure of corrupted ZIPX file and helps to extract all files and folder by repairing it. This application has advanced features for repairing and recovering inaccessible content from corrupt ZIPX/ZIP files. This program can be used on desktop with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Procedure to fix ZIPX file header:

Tips to Remember:

  • Don't use unreliable third party tool to decompress ZIPX files
  • Use effective anti-virus app to keep your desktop virus free
  • Download trusted software to extract ZIPX file contents

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