ZIP Unable to Find Local Header Error - How to Fix It

“I had downloaded a Zip file from email attachment and when tried to extract data from it, an error message popped out saying there is no local header to extract its contents. How many times ever I download, it shows the same error. Can anyone suggest me how to fix header error and extract downloaded Zip file contents?”

Zip is a container format that stores set of files in compressed and encrypted format. This archive format will be basically consisting of Local file header + Compressed data + Central directory and optional data descriptor. Local file header holds all information related to files compressed in to Zip format such as signature, compressed method used, file modification time and data, file name and so on. If this local file header gets corrupt then files compressed in Zip format may not be extracted properly. There are various reasons that may damage Zip file local header such as:

Due to all these reasons local file header of Zip archive might get corrupt and may show error Zip cannot find a local header while trying to extract contents. However, Zip file with corrupt local file header can be repaired by implementing suitable Zip file repair utility.

Zip local file header repair tool:

To resolve Zip file cannot find local header error on Windows system, make use of Yodot Zip Repair tool. This tool is capable of repairing Zip files that show different kinds of error like Zip files larger than 4GB error, cannot open Zip file access denied error, archive is not a valid Zip file error and many others. This tool can fix broken, spanned, encrypted, multipart or split Zip files with no trouble. It can easily extract data from corrupted Zip file after successfully repairing it on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers. With Yodot Zip Repair tool, you can fix truncated ZIP files, and various errors like 'cannot extract files from zipped folder', 'Zip error file not found or no read permission', 'archive is not a valid ZIP archive', etc. when trying to extract a ZIP file.

Steps to fix Zip file with corrupt local header:

Valuable Tips:

  • Avoid interruptions while downloading / transferring Zip files from internet
  • Keep backup copies of important Zip archives without fail

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