Resolve Microsoft Word File Format Cannot Be Recognized Error

I have re-installed MS Office in my computer but now I am receiving error “Microsoft Word file format cannot be recognized” every time when I try to open Word document. I have this problem with few documents only, but other files are opening without any error. Why MS Word is reporting this error and how can I fix it? Please suggest!

Many users have come across the same error on MS Word application but it’s not a serious issue. Microsoft Word file format cannot be recognized error may be reported by MS Office because the Word file that you are trying to launch has become corrupt or inaccessible in different circumstances like software conflict, macro virus attack, MS Word crash or when you terminate the program without saving the document properly. However, you need not to worry about that and just focus on what solution you need to get rid of above error, so that you can make your Word file error free and readable again.

In your Windows computer, you have an inbuilt Word file repair option that is provided with MS Office Word. By using this option, you can try to fix MS Word error i.e. Word file format cannot be recognized by your own. However, this manual way of resolving Word file error would fail to carry out successful fixing of Word file format error in some situation especially when corruption to document is severely high. Therefore, you must have an alternate solution to deal with any error reported by MS Word and that cannot be repaired by the inbuilt repair tool. You can go with the reliable Word DOC repair utility to fix the issues. It will surely help you in repairing Word file error without any fail and then you can get back to your essential information that is detailed on the Word document.

Brief introduction about the Word file repair tool!

Yodot DOC Repair is an advanced utility that is exceptionally designed to fix errors shown by MS Word documents. With this automated tool, Windows users can easily repair Word files that are inaccessible, corrupted, damaged or not opening due to the Microsoft Word file format cannot be recognized error and other similar errors causing the file unreadable. This application helps in fixing Microsoft Word file not opening on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based systems after Microsoft Word application has stopped supporting Windows OS. You can employ this powerful tool in repairing Word DOC, DOCX files which are corrupted or unreadable because of different known and unknown reasons. This software can repair Word documents that are created on MS Office Word 2013 and previous versions.

Start fixing Microsoft Word file format cannot be recognized error!

Helpful Suggestions!

  • Install a genuine anti-virus app to keep your system and MS Word documents free from viruses
  • Back up all essential Word files to a safe location on your computer
  • Don’t shut down your PC forcefully when MS Word files are open on MS Office Word

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