Fix MS Word File Does Not Exist Error

“Now, it is a weird time for me! Past from couple of hours whenever I try to open a Word file, it is displaying “A Valid copy of Word does not exist” error in Word 2010 on my Windows system. I tried many ways to open this Word file, but it refused to open by throwing same error message. This Word file has huge information and it can’t be rewritten. How to fix Word file does not exist error and make the document accessible again? Please help me to fix this issue. Many thanks for any advice!”

Microsoft Office Word offers simple and attractive features. These features enable users to save valuable data in understandable format using various objects like text, hyperlinks, clip arts, charts, sound effects, etc. Unfortunately, information drafted in Word file is also not safe because of several aspects that corrupt or make the document inaccessible. One of such factor is logical error in MS Word as discussed in above scenario. “Word file does not exist” error message might occur when you try to access Word file in pirate version of Microsoft Word. Hence, make use of compatible edition of Word to access your important documents.

Apart from above mentioned cause, improper / partial installation of Word application or missing program files while installing MS Word causes Word file does not exist error. So, reinstall Microsoft Word application and try to access your Word file again. If this troubleshooting technique does not work, then that Word file might have got corrupted due to several reasons like header corruption, virus attack, incompatible Word application used to access that file and abrupt system shutdown while accessing Word documents. In this kind of scenario it is wise to employ good Word file repair utility to fix the error.

Word document error repair software:

In order to fix inaccessible Word document after “Word file does not exist” error make use of reliable software named Yodot DOC Repair. This application can mend erroneous Word file efficiently on Windows computer. This application is designed with advanced strategies, which can fix Word file that undergone various logical errors and corruption issues. Along with fixing error showing Word files, this program can repair frozen Word document as well as truncated, damaged and unreadable Word files. It can repair both DOC and DOCX files from Microsoft Office Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. This program can be easily installed and made to run on Windows system running with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Procedure to fix Word file does not exist error:


  • Try to open Word documents in compatible versions of MS Word application
  • Backup essential Word files on secure external storage devices

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