How to Repair Password Protected Word Document?

“Please help, I’m unable to open password protected Word document, in which I have saved my crucial information. In order to prevent unauthorized access, I encrypted this Word document with password and was working on it, but my system restarted automatically due to some Windows update. Later when I tried to open the document, it said that it is corrupted and its access is denied. How can I repair password protected Word document on Windows? Please suggest any good solution.”

Microsoft Word is a powerful documentation application with enriched features and widely used in corporate organizations, education systems, business sectors and also among home users to create documents. Many times, it happens that users create password for Word document to prevent unauthorized access for data security purpose. Creating password to Word document is very simple. Just follow these steps to encrypt your document with a password.

Open the document that you wish to encrypt -> Click on Office button located towards top left of the document -> Then select Prepare -> click on Encrypt document -> Give a password that you can remember -> Click OK.

Problems with password protected Word files:

Password protected Word document cannot be accessed by the user if the password is lost, because Microsoft doesn’t support recovery of lost password for Word document and thus files will be useless if there is no password or if password is forgotten.

Now, let us see how a password protected document can get corrupted?

Just like normal DOC / DOCX file, password protected Word file can also get corrupted due to reasons like:

  • Macro viruses infection
  • Abrupt termination of system / Word application
  • Unnecessary conversion of Word file to other file formats
  • Use of unauthorized compression techniques to compress document
  • Compatibility issues
  • Round tripping, migration of Word tool version

One cannot access password protected Word file when its password is lost or file is corrupted, but it is possible to fix and access data from encrypted Word document when it is corrupted with the help of best Word repair tool.

Fix password protected Word document

Industry experts suggest safe way for fixing corrupted documents by using proficient repair tools such as Yodot DOC Repair. This program can explicitly fix corrupted Microsoft Word file that is password protected and recovers back its file contents without difficulty. One can repair DOC / DOCX file created on Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and MS Word 2010 versions that is inaccessible due to various causes. This repair application works on computers and laptops having Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Follow these steps to fix password protected Word file:

  • Download and install Yodot DOC Repair tool on your Windows system where password protected Word file resides
  • Launch the product by following the guidelines
  • Next, click on browse button in the main screen to select required Word document that is password protected
  • By clicking on repair button, software starts to scan the selected Word file
  • After completion of repair process, view the Word file contents using preview option
  • Then select a destination location to save that repaired Word file and click on Save
  • Go to the location and access your Word file by giving the password

Important Note:

  • Always have backup copy of important encrypted/password protected Word documents to avoid data loss
  • Do not perform unknown operations with password protected Word files that might lead to its corruption
  • Maintain powerful antivirus to avoid Macros attack on Word document