DOC Repair - CRC Error Corruption

MS Word is employed for writings letters, writing resumes, maintaining records and for many other professional and personal purposes. It provides a file format that can be edited by the user to produce a customized document on any topic and it also offers features like insert images, charts, tables, clip arts, word arts, headers, footers, hyperlinks, symbols and many more.

Imagine if any of your important DOC / DOCX file gets corrupt due to unforeseen error, it could be tragic- right! Corruption in Word files are more often caused due to CRC error.

What is CRC error and how it takes place?

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is a mathematical technique or procedure that identifies whether the data is correct or corrupt. So, if you get a CRC error message while trying to open a Word file, it indicates that the file is damaged or corrupt. Cyclic redundancy check error chiefly appears when trying to read a DOC file from a damaged CD /DVD, from a hard drive having bad sectors or from any storage media that is corrupt or bad.

CRC error also appears if the Word file is not properly burnt to the CD / DVD and also while transmitting the file over the internet due to channel noise. Some of the other common causes CRC error are virus infection, incomplete download, power failure during file processing or transfer, improper system shutdown etc. If any of these situations happen, showing CRC error message at the time of accessing a Word file and causing inaccessibility and damage to your file, then you need an efficient DOC Repair tool that can repair your Word file without causing more damage to it.

Why Yodot DOC Repair tool?

Yodot DOC Repair is an adequate tool for repairing corrupt or damaged DOC / DOCX files that are inaccessible due to CRC error. It extracts the Word file contents, fixes it and creates a completely new Word file, so that no further damage is caused to the original file. It repairs and recovers the document text along with its font, header, footer, tables, clip arts, charts, tables, hyperlinks etc.

Directions for using the software

Things To Remember

  • Always keep backup of your important DOC files
  • Use anti-virus software in your system and keep them up-to-date

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