Repair Word 2010 linked File Not Available Error

“I use MS Word 2010 tool to perform documentation work on my desktop. Recently I had created a document and had copy-pasted images, tables and other items including text from external documents. But, along with text and other data, few links also got copied to this document as external links. So, I removed those links with the help of ‘Break links’ option. But now the problem is file not getting open in Word 2010. Whenever I try to open my document, error pops up saying ‘linked file is not available.’ How to resolve this linked file issue with Word 2010 document? Someone please help me.”

Usually, while creating huge documents in MS Word 2010, users prefer to copy paste content from already created documents or link documents with necessary content to this newly created file. By linking any document to your Word file, data can be extracted from source file to current document. It is done by following this method:

“Place cursor at the location in document where you wish to insert another document. Go to ‘Insert’ option, select ‘Object’ and click on its drop-down arrow. Next, choose ‘Text from File’. A dialogue box will display with list of files that you want to insert in this document. Select required file and choose how you want to insert selected file.”

By doing this, user extracts information from inserted document within current Word 2010 document. But sometimes, documents with external links may display error like “linked file is not available” and refuse to open. The main reason for this error in Word 2010 file is that, linked file will be either missing or erased from its location. Other times, linked file may be virus infected or link will be partially broken in source file that fails to load linked document. If this is your condition, then you are at right place. Make use of effective Word file repair utility to fix Word 2010 file showing linked file is not available error message.

Word 2010 document repair software:

Using Yodot DOC Repair tool, it is very simple to fix error showing Word 2010 documents on Windows systems. Along with linked file not available error, this tool can repair Word files that do not open due to invalid file format error, encoding error, unexpected error while trying to open document, file could not initialize properly and so on. It can even fix broken Word document from MS Word 2010 as well as from Microsoft Word 2007, 2003 and 2000 application versions. This tool can be implemented on computers working with Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Server 2003 and Windows 7 operating systems.

Follow these steps to fix Word 2010 linked file is not available error:

Precautionary Steps:

  • Do not link affected or malicious infected documents to Word 2010 files
  • After linking any document to Word 2010 file, verify whether the link is healthy or broken

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