Recover Data from Iomega Zip 100 External USB Drive

“Hi, I was moving some files from my Iomega Zip 100 drive which was connected externally to my computer. But something went wrong to shutdown the computer when the transfer process was still in progress. When I turned on the PC, the files which were getting moved from Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive are missing. I could find only few files on my computer and remaining files are lost. What can I do now? Please help me with a way to recover files disappeared from Iomega Zip 100 External USB Drive.”

Iomega Zip 100 external USB drive helps you to transfer huge amount of data from one system to the other. While transferring files from Iomega USB drive to computer, you may get problem as mentioned in above paragraph and usually you find such stories in technical forums. Iomega Zip 100 USB drive comes with 100 MB of capacity. It has USB interface, it can be operated on PC as well as Mac systems. However there are many situations in which Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive data might get lost; some are as follows:

Users need not panic after losing data from Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive in any unexpected event, because recovering data from Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive is made easy using efficient data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Iomega portable hard drive recovery tool:

In order to get back data from Iomega Zip 100 external hard drive, you can use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. The tool has simple interface and any novice user can restore data from Iomega Zip drive without facing any obstacles. It has capability to get back different type of pictures, videos, audio files, MS Office documents, archive files, PSD files, etc. from Iomega Zip 100 drive. It is compatible to retrieve files from Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. Other than Iomega eGo hard drive recovery, you can even restore data from internal hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, iPods and other storage drives.

Descriptive steps to get data from Iomega Zip 100 portable USB drive:


  • Use Copy + Paste rather than using Cut + Paste to copy data from one drive to the other drive and then delete the unneeded copy
  • Keep scanning external hard drive or any other drives using anti-virus software on a regular basis

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