Restore Data from Failed Raid 1

RAID 1 also known as Disk mirroring, is the replication of data to two or more disks. It is good option for applications that require high performance such as transactional applications, email and operating systems. While using RAID 1, an exact copy of data is created on two or more discs. This technique will give more reliability and read performance. The only issue is storage capacity (the total storage used by RAID 1 will be equal to capacity of the smallest disk).

However, RAID users may struggle a lot if data gets inaccessible due to Raid 1 drive failure. Let us know in which situations Raid 1 drive get failed on a Windows computer:

  • Occurrence of more number of bad sectors on hard disk may result in raid 1 drive failure
  • If you do any mistake while changing file system, then RAID 1 drive may fail to work further
  • OS crash is the other common reason for failure of RAID 1 drive
  • Failure of RAID technology can also make drive unreadable and useless

Once the RAID 1 drive gets failed it will show different kind of error messages like:

  • Storecenter disk failure
  • Critical error on RAID 1 drive
  • Failed hard drive: RAID1

In case, you come across above mentioned errors, then how will you solve them? How will you get back data from failed RAID 1 drive? Dont worry you can easily recover failed raid 5 array, raid 10 and raid 0 by using proficient data recovery program.

Software to extract data from failed RAID 1:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool will help you to retrieve data from failed RAID 1 drive. This program has the ability for recovering data in all kind of risky conditions like RAID1 drive corruption, OS crash and disk failure. Addition to RAID 1, it can retrieve data from RAID 10, RAID 5 and RAID 0 on Windows system. Anyone can use this software easily because of its user friendly UI design. If you feel any difficulty while performing data retrieval process, you can contact same to the 27x7 technical team through mail or phone call. The utility can get back data from different brands of RAID drive such as Intel and Seagate. Apart from RAID drives, the tool is helpful in restoring data from internal / external hard disk, USB flash drive, mmeory cards, SSD and many other storage drives. This application can be used on various versions of Windows OS (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 and 2008).

Procedure to get back data from failed RAID 1 drive:

  • First, connect failed RAID 1 drive to a healthy Windows system
  • Then, download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on the computer
  • Once installation is over, run the application in order to start recovery process
  • Tool will show two options “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” in main screen
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” to get back data from RAID 1 drive
  • Next, this program will display list of logical and external drives detected in system
  • Select the partition which contains RAID 1 drive
  • Then, software will start scanning process, wait for few minutes till it gets finished
  • Later, you will see data in two views such as “Data view” and “File Type View”
  • Mark the required files or else click on “Skip” button to select all files by default
  • Then, save extracted files to a desired location other than source location

Important Tips!!!

  • Be careful while changing file system, chances are there to commit mistake here
  • Maintain significant data on some other storage devices to handle sudden data loss situations

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