How to Rescue Data from FAT32 Volume on Mac?

FAT is universal file system abbreviated as File Allocation Table on Mac as well as Windows operating system. FAT32 file system provides enhancements over previous implementation of FAT file system with high storage capacity and increased speed. User can store up to 4GB data using FAT32 file system in single file. FAT32 is most efficient, robust and flexible because it uses smaller cluster i.e., 4KB from drive up to maximum size. Usually, FAT32 file system is compatible on most of external storage device such as memory card, pen drive, iPod, etc. It is easier to access FAT32 file system on both Windows and Mac operating system at fast rate which saves time. Sometimes due to some logical errors, FAT32 files system gets damaged and files in Mac drives becomes unreadable and missed.

Scenarios that lead to inaccessibility of data from FAT32 Mac volume:

  • Unintentionally formatting FAT32 volume during creating new logical drives in computer will tend to huge data loss of vital data
  • Mistakenly deleting files from FAT32 volume on Mac machine may render loss of crucial files
  • Abrupt removal of FAT32 drive from Mac computer while write or read process is carried out can sometimes damage storage media resulting in loss of important files
  • File system corruption due to partitioning error, reformatting, resizing, etc. can cause data loss

From above mentioned reasons, user may lose access to FAT32 drive that makes data inaccessible. As entire crucial files are stored in it. In such instant, no need to get anxious! The complete data present in FAT32 drive can be easily retrieved using data recovery software.

FAT32 Mac data recovery utility:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery can restore deleted, lost, formatted and reformatted data from FAT32 drive on Mac operating system with ease. It supports data recovery from internal hard drive, memory card, flash drives, Fire Wire drive, external hard drives, iPods, SSD drives, etc. Along with FAT32, this app helps regain files from external storage media formatted with FAT16, HFS+ and HFS file system. This utility supports Mac machine running with Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite operating systems. This program has powerful recovery algorithm that scans and regains data from damaged or corrupted Mac hard drive. You can regain iMac partition, MacBook partitions, MacBook Pro partitions, MacBook Air partitions and Mac Mini partitions data. In demo version of Yodot Mac Data recovery, the user can know steps that have to be followed to restore the files.

Steps to recover FAT32 Mac volumes:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to Mac operating system
  • With the help of shortcut icon present on computer launch recovery application and follow given guidelines on screen to begin the recovery process
  • It will display two options on main screen like 'Volume Recovery' and 'Formatted / Reformatted Recovery' option
  • In that select either one of the option based on your data loss
  • The app will scan entire computer and displays all logical and physical volumes from it
  • Choose the volume from where data has to be restored and click 'Next' button
  • This utility repeats scanning process and displays list of all data effectively from selected volume
  • Now choose the files which you want to regain back and proceed 'Next'
  • Finally, browse for desired location to store recovered files, but not on the same volume


  • Take back up of vital files in separate external device on regular basis
  • After losing data from FAT32 Mac drive do not save any new information on it
  • Check twice or thrice before formatting any Volumes