Retrieve AMR Files on Mac OS X

What are AMR files?

AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) is an audio file format developed by Ericsson. This audio file format is created for mobile phones for voice or sound recording (audio recordings, voice messages, voice memo, etc). One can play .amr audio recording on many media players such as QuickTime, Real Player, VLC and other players on both Windows and Mac operating system. If any need arises, you even convert AMR file to compatible audio format such as MP3, MP4, WMA, AIF, WAV, etc using specific audio converter software’s.

How you will lose or delete your precious .amr audio files?

In daily life many people use to record sound or voice to store memories of some particular funny or special events. Usually most of the users prefer to transfer those AMR audio files to system or other device in order to backup or free the storage space in cell phones. In majority of instants, the process of moving AMR file from mobile phone to computer is successful, but interruption while transferring these audio files becomes reason for loss of AMR audio recordings.

Let us consider some instances for missing of AMR files:

Similarly, you might come across various moments which results in removal or loss of your priceless AMR files. In such case, if you are looking for software to get back missing .amr audio files, then here is effective AMR File Recovery software i.e Yodot Mac Photo Recovery to accomplish that task of AMR audio recovery on Mac.

AMR audio file recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is a renowned media file retrieval utility for Mac, which helps you in restoring deleted or lost AMR files from Mac system. The software is designed with well-organized modules and algorithms to rescue missing AMR files based on file name, file extension, file creation data, etc. Apart from recovering ARW audio files, the software can extract other audio files (.mp3, .mp4, .wma, .mp4, .wav and so on), different types of video files photo files and many other file types on Mac OS X system. Furthermore, this tool can also unerase .amr files from many other storage drives such as mobile phone’s memory cards, pen drives, iPods, hard drive, external hard drive and other devices.

Steps to Restore .AMR Files on Mac System:

Note: If AMR audio files are lost from external storage device rather than hard drive, then connect the device to Mac system and proceed with the following steps:


  • Backup your favorite AMR audio files on some other storage devices
  • Restore missing or erased AMR files as soon as possible before that storage space is used by new data

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