Recover ORF Photo Files on Mac OS X

ORF (Olympus RAW Format) is a proprietary RAW image format for saving captured photos on Olympus digital camera. ORF photo file is saved with .orf file extension; these files are in RAW format i.e. unprocessed / uncompressed images that contain data like text information about the photo and details of camera settings such as when the image was captured, white balance, exposure, sharpness, contrast, etc. Since, .orf is RAW file type it requires more memory space to get stored on the storage device of the camera. And this can also be converted to other formats like JPEG, etc after processing.

Capturing a photo in RAW format is followed by many professional photographers as it provides accurate and high definition images. However, this kind of larger photo files require more time to process and to get saved on the storage media of the digital camera. But many times, RAW ORF photos can be lost due to logical errors or human mistakes and users regret for losing their valuable photos.

Let us see few scenarios of how ORF image files are lost:

Other than these reasons, ORF files may also get lost if pictures are captured while camera is running out of low battery, deleting ORF files on Mac Machine and emptying Trash Bin without checking its content.

How to get back missing and deleted ORF photos?

You need not worry anymore about retrieving lost ORF RAW pictures as it is possible to get back these files using ultimate photo recovery tools. There are numerous photo restoration tools available that can bring back ORF RAW photo files; but it is always recommended to choose safe and secure application, because use of unreliable software can damage the RAW images during recovery process and thus renders another disaster.

One can employ this Mac image recovery app to extract all Olympus RAW images on Macintosh machine. This tool is sophisticated with powerful scanning methods that can rescue RAW photo file types from various digital cameras like Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc on Mac OS X without any difficulty. Rich with advantageous recovery strategies, this software can also revive audios, videos, Office files, documents, etc. from flash memory cards, iPods, USB drives, portable hard drives, Mac hard drive and other devices. The tool is compatible on major Mac operating systems like Mac Lion, Snow Leopard and Mac Leopard versions.

Recovery procedure to regain ORF files on Mac:

Necessary Precautions to take care of:

  • Avoid accidental pressing of delete option on camera while viewing images
  • Make several copies of essential photo files to avoid data loss
  • Do not use the camera when there is no sufficient power supply

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